Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Turning 31

This birthday was very different from all the others. There was something about knowing I had Mark to celebrate with that made it all so much better. I'm not really a birthday person and I often try to avoid them, but Mark was so good to me. Of course he spent the day/week making me feel very special. 

Mark LOVES giving and receiving presents. He had been working on my present for about 3 months! He would get packages in the mail, make phone calls, write emails, come home late, all working on my present. He hid stuff around the house too. 
I opened up these beautiful earrings before work and couldn't be more in love with them!

I was nervous to tell my students it was my birthday. They are a little crazy this year and I was worried the added distraction would not help us. At the end of the day my room mom came in with a cake and they sang and then they went home! PERFECT!

Mark and I spent the evening together just having a fun date night. We went to Red Robin and had plans of going to Leatherby's, but we were too full. We went to Target and did this mini scavenger hunt while we tried to wait for our stomachs to be ready for ice cream. It didn't work! 

We had a full Saturday planned so we figured we would just pick up where we left off the next day!
We did make it to Leatherby's. We were stuffed, but it tasted so good!
 I love the pumpkin patch and Mark agreed that it was a perfect day to go. We had a blast picking out pumpkins, and of course came home with 5!

In case this wasn't enough celebrating, later that night the Urry family got together to celebrate Heather and I for our birthdays. We enjoyed food, chatting, a campfire, and more presents! 
We had a blast!

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