Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Charly and Clay

Charly & Clay got married!!! 
We were so excited that we could spend the weekend celebrating with them. 
Friday morning sealing in Salt Lake

Saturday we headed to Vernal to continue the celebrating! Mark and I stopped at a little lake for a picnic lunch. The reception was in Liz's backyard and it was amazing. I love spending time with the Urry family! Cousins, aunts, uncles, friends were all there to celebrate.
 Sometimes we are a little silly...

Before we headed home we decided to do some exploring!
Cousin time is the best
 We took the 3 Kings Trail and it was wonderful. It's a quick hike, but the view was awesome!

Vernal is always a good time and we can't wait to spend more time with some of our favorite cousins!

California Vacation

We couldn't leave out all of our California family and friends so we decided to party with them as well! Luckily, Mark and I were able to take Friday off from work and drive to California. 

Friday we went to the A's Game with Cami, Camden, and Mark's parents. We enjoyed the game and the fireworks afterwards. It was a blast to spend some time with them!

Saturday was Kassidy's birthday so we all had a yummy breakfast and had some time to goof off.
The Birthday Princess!
 After jumping, playing, hiding, etc., Mark ended up under the pillows and Jayden ended up on top watching TV.

 Our friends the Dame's were kind enough to let us use their backyard. It really is a beautiful space and the perfect size for our family and friends. 
Tori works hard on the flowers again, my mom made another cake, and we had Mexican food!

 Our California Kids!

We had an amazing trip. We wish we could have stayed longer, but it was so good to see friends and family. 
We are so loved!


Our honeymoon started in Draper! We had the best surprise as we got to our hotel room. My siblings surprised us with a decorated door and even decorated the whole room. They left us treats too! 

We were so lucky to get to take a honeymoon to Mexico! It was gorgeous. We stayed at an amazing resort. I have never seen anything like this place. It was miles of property, all of which was landscaped beautifully. The people were so kind and helpful also. 

The Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta

Our room was amazing! 

I couldn't believe how amazing this property was. We had picked it because it was so big and we knew we would have lots to do every day!
 Some of the most beautiful flowers
 Perfect sunsets every night!

We spent most of our time at the pools. They were huge and the water felt amazing. We even had some iguanas swim with us one day. Every day we went to a different pool on the property. 

We enjoyed being able to go into town one day for a couple of hours. It was a total tourist town, but we shopped, ate, and walked the boardwalk. 

We were able to go zip-lining one day too! Unfortunately we couldn't get any pictures of this, but it was very cool! I highly recommend going on a superman zip-line. Almost a mile long and you get up to about 70 mph! Incredible!

The food we ate at the resort was incredible. I have never had such amazing food. If we could have just spent the whole time eating, we would have! 
We spoiled ourselves with this seafood dinner down by the beach. It was heavenly and oh so big!
 I could eat this Mexican fiesta every single day of my life! Never have I experienced such amazing food. Mark and I are still talking about how great it was!

6 days in Mexico with your best friend was a perfect way to spend our first week together!
 I couldn't have picked a better partner in crime for this adventure!

The Big Day!!!

July 12, 2014 
I don't even know where to begin! I loved everything about our wedding day! I actually slept the night before and was excited when I woke up. Of course it was very busy around my house. My family was up and getting ready, Tori (our friend/florist) was working hard, my mom was doing the cake, etc. Lucky for me Mark's sister Heather is a make up artist so she came over to get me ready. My good friend Shanel also came over to do my hair. I'm so lucky to know such talented people and to call them family & friends!

As I scrolled through Facebook this caught my eye... Mark is a sweetheart!

My parents and I headed up to the temple to meet Mark. It was so nice to finally be with him to really get our day started. We were both so excited and enjoyed our time in the temple sitting together and talking. I'm so grateful for eternal marriage and the sealing powers that are available to us. It was a beautiful ceremony, in a gorgeous room, filled with some of our favorite people.

So glad these cuties could be there on my big day!
 Some of my wonderful family who came from all over for the weekend.

 These two have worked their butts off for months to give me my dream wedding. I have always loved them, but after seeing them work so hard at everything, I think I love them even more!
 My cute new nephews!
 These 3 are always up to something!
 So blessed to have our grandparents with us on our wedding day!
 Tori did an amazing job on our centerpieces!
 Ice cream treats!
 3 of my favorite students!
These two ate ice cream ALL NIGHT!
Petaluma friends and family!

Good looking family right there!

 Quick look at the food tables!
I can't believe Tori was able to make my dream bouquet!
 My mother's amazing cake!
 Our first dance
 Rickard and sweet Lydia
 My siblings
 Danielle is the one who set us up!
 Mark's siblings
 My bridesmaids!!!!
 I have the most amazing friends in the world!
My new family!
 This guy.... love!
 Mark and Stephanie

Mr. & Mrs. Urry

The pictures are clearly out of order, I have about 300 more I would love to share, but this gives everyone a good idea. I'm not sure what I did to get the man of my dreams, have the family I have, the friends I have, and a new family. I've always loved weddings. I'm a sucker for the romance, the beauty, the food, etc. I've spent years thinking about what my wedding day would be like and my day was even better than I could have imagined!

Thank you to everyone who has loved and supported us! 
We love you!