Thursday, October 30, 2014


It's funny how as we get older we can't remember birthdays, holidays, appointments, etc. but we do remember the little things that make us happy. A year ago today, Mark showed up on my porch. He charmed me via text and I was excited to meet this guy. I was surprised that with just 3 days of texting I already felt so comfortable with him. We had dinner and at dinner he was brave enough to tell me I was pretty. I remember thinking, "WOW!" Did he really just say that? Guys aren't that brave right? It really impressed me. We talked, ate, watched baseball, and went to a movie. I immediately knew I wanted a second date. Thank goodness he did too! 

I'm a sap. I love the sentimental stuff. That date was huge for me. It was the start of a wonderful year with my very best friend. I didn't know at the time that he would become my husband, but it was soon after that I realized how happy that would make me. I'm grateful every day that the Lord put him in my life at the right time. We were both in a good place and ready to be together.

Pretty sure we make a good match!

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