Monday, January 25, 2016

Brooklyn's First Week

With having a c section I needed to stay in the hospital until Tuesday morning. As much as I loved the nurses and the help they were giving me, I was more than ready to leave. No one ever told me that a hospital is like a prison! We had a room and one hallway we could be in. They brought you your meals (which were good), and you had an uncomfortable bed or a hard chair to sit on.  I got cabin fever very quickly and so did Mark. We had awesome visitors come which helped break up the day. Other than that we kind of just sat around and held Brooklyn. I did get a few naps in, but with those nurses checking me every 2 to 4 hours it made it a little tricky.  Night time brought on some anxiety with not really understanding Brooklyn and her eating needs. We had one good night and then the next was bad. I worried a little, ok a lot, but my nurse stayed with me for almost 2 hours as we tried to figure out what exactly Brooklyn needed.  In the end we just realized she is an eat every 4 hours baby, not every 2. She wasn't liking being woken up to eat. She just wanted to sleep. 

We were so happy to head home, but then we realized home is a little scary. 

My mom has been a lifesaver. Not only has she done this 3 times, plus grandchildren, but she also cooks, cleans, and does anything else I might need. I'm not sure I would be surviving right now without her. She has been great about letting me get some extra sleep. She is spoiling me by taking Brooklyn, who is a noisy sleeper, for me after she eats at night. I feed her and then my mom just makes sure she is okay all night and brings her to me when she needs to eat again. If you are going to have a baby, I hope you have a mom like me. 

Although nights still give me some anxiety, I'm getting better at this mom thing. I have a lot to learn, but I'm trying to be patient and just go with the flow. Brooklyn is SUCH A GOOD BABY! She only cries when she is gassy and even then it's not a screaming cry. She is a great eater and loves to just sit and stare at you. Right now we are working on getting her to soothe herself a little bit more when in her bed. She gets a little antsy if she isn't super tired. I can't complain about her behavior though. I know I'm extremely luckily to have this little newborn be so good for us.

She smiles for us constantly!
 Look at those eyelashes!

My dad was able to come visit this weekend, which was great. I loved watching him with her and seeing how in love he quickly became with his newest grandchild.  We had fun just hanging out with her and giving her all the love and attention she needed. 

My mom made Brooklyn this adorable quilt. She looks so tiny on it now!

Mark has been great with all of this. Those new dads get worn out too! He has been great though and I love watching him with her. He already loves her so much and it's adorable. He gives lots of scratchy beard kisses and is the best at swaddling her before bed.  We were so happy to have him home with us all week. I never doubted he would be an amazing daddy. I've seen him with babies and kids before, but when it's your own...melt my heart.  These two could just stare at each other for hours!

We survived our first week and it's becoming more and more real every day. I got up and showered while she played in her bed this morning. We talked to each other and got ready for the day. Mark went back to work and she is happily napping away. My life has changed in a big way and very quickly, but I'm loving this mom life.

From 2 to 3

Brooklyn's Birth Story

A couple weeks before my due date we found out that Brooklyn was breech. The doctor wasn't too worried about it, but we knew that we would need to have a c section. Lots of options were given to Mark and I about possible things we could do to avoid a c section. Although neither of us wanted me to have to go through a c section, we both felt very strongly that that was what needed to happen. Surprisingly I felt very calm and at peace about it, which is nuts because it is a major surgery. The one good thing about a c section was knowing what day we would be having our sweet baby girl.  Although we knew going into labor before that day was an option, we thought that having her at 39 weeks would hopefully prevent me going into labor at work. No need to traumatize those cute 2nd graders with my water breaking. This also allowed my family to make arrangements to come out to be with us.  

It's an odd feeling counting down the days to when your baby is coming. We prepped, planned, cleaned, went on dates, etc.  The weekend before I kept saying this is our last weekend to not be parents. For the rest of our lives we will be parents. For 9 months I had been counting down the days and now suddenly it was approaching very fast and it all seemed a little too real.  

Mark and I were both able to work the Friday before. Mark's co-workers had a Daddy shower that was super sweet. My students gave lots of hugs and did their final pats of love to Brooklyn.  We were ready. 

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am on Saturday.  The surgery was scheduled for 7:30.  Our doctor was on call and it was so nice to know that he would be the one performing the surgery.  Of course Friday night I started having contractions... UGH! I had only had maybe 10 contractions (very small, no pain) the entire pregnancy. I couldn't believe that the night before my c section my body was doing this to me.  I was up all night freaking out that my water might break. Luckily it didn't, but the contractions did continue.  
39 weeks and so happy to be done!

I felt very prepared for the c section. My sister had prepped me well along with my doctor. I loved our first nurse. She was awesome at keeping me calm and very friendly. That helps when you are exhausted, anxious, and about to have a baby.  Mark even got to wear a really sweet jumpsuit! 

It was finally timed and I was taken in to have the spinal block. They warned me it would hurt, but in that LARGE bee sting prick of a moment I panicked. I sat on the table, Mark holding my hand, and I went into panic mode. The doctors and nurses were busy bees setting everything up and it felt like I was standing still while everything was happening around me. Luckily the medicine kicked in quick and I didn't feel any pain, just a random tingling. I will say though, it is VERY uncomfortable to know that you are just naked from the waist down with who knows how many people just buzzing around you. I'm very modest so to know that I was just hanging out like that did make me feel very uncomfortable.  It's amazing to me how quickly everything happened. At one point I started feeling really nauseous, but my AMAZING anesthesiologist was so comforting. He quickly went into action to make me feel more comfortable. I was so grateful to him. He watched me like a hawk and made sure I was doing okay. It was so nice to know that my doctor was taking good care of my baby and he was taking good care of me. Then it happened. They said here comes her bum. Mark immediately started taking pictures and got very excited. They turned her and she pooped first thing! That gave everyone a good laugh. For me I just needed to hear that cry. I had been having nightmares about her not crying so I just needed to hear that. I loved watching Mark's face as they took her out of me. I wish I had the camera in that moment so that I could capture his joy. His eyes filled up with tears and he just kept saying she was beautiful. She did cry quickly and as they took her over to be cleaned off I was grateful I could see her. I just kept asking if she was ok. I think I asked multiple times even though I could hear her crying and see her moving. I just needed that confirmation over and over again.  As I was being stitched up once again my anesthesiologist was great. He noticed that my oxygen levels weren't where they needed to be and took great care of me while everyone else did their jobs. He even got very close to my head and just talked to me to keep me calm. I will forever be grateful for his kindness during my surgery. 

Brooklyn Marcella Urry
8:03 am
6 lbs 12 oz
19 inches

As soon as I was stitched up and she was cleaned they gave her to me. In that moment I just remember feeling exhausted. I know I was excited and so happy she was there, but it almost didn't seem real. That was my baby, on my chest.  They took me back into my hospital room to recover and everything really was a whirlwind.  I once again had a wonderful nurse to look after me and my mom and Mark loved on Brooklyn.  
I immediately became obsessed with her round cheeks, long eyelashes, and fuzzy hair. She was so snuggly and perfect right from the start.  She ate right away too. The nurse was so pleased that on the first try she was able to latch and get some good food in her belly. 

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come visit our sweet girl along with my mom.  Everyone was just in love instantly.  The rest of the day I was pretty tired. I didn't realize how little of sleep I had actually gotten the night before and how worn out I would be from the surgery. I wasn't in pain from it at all, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Our nurses in the mom and baby unit were great. They helped with everything and answered all of our questions.  We felt very looked after and felt comfortable knowing they were there to help us. 

How could you not love this sweet little face!

It's a little crazy to think that I'm a mom now. It's something I have always dreamed about and wanted. I spent a lot of years wondering when my turn would come and if I would ever get my sweet baby.  Thank goodness I have a loving Heavenly Father who had a wonderful plan for me. He had me wait just long enough so that this sweet angel could be my baby. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Surprise Baby Shower

I was surprised today to be called down to the office and asked to hang out for a little bit. While I sat and waited, my room moms were busy prepping my classroom for a surprise baby shower. They had been planning with the kids and parents to throw this for me before the baby came. I walked into a classroom full of kids, balloons, treats, games, and presents. It really was the cutest thing I have ever seen. My students were so excited. These kids have taken such good care of me and the baby these last months. They ask about her, worry about her, rub my belly, and give her lots of love.  I was thrilled that these moms thought to include them in the the celebration. I was also extremely touched as each child brought me up a present, homemade card, story, etc. They all wanted to participate and it was very sweet. 

Although I'm super excited for baby girl to get her and to stay at home with her, I know I will miss these sweet kids. I look forward to being able to visit and introduce her to all of her friends!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Baby Showers

I have been so spoiled with showers for this little girl! My sweet sister in laws had a family shower for me. I loved the theme. Baby it's Cold Outside! Nicole did an awesome job turning everything into frozen land. The snowflakes, icicles, etc. were so awesome. Everything was beautiful and tasted amazing.

My wonderful friend Nicci threw me a book themed shower. She is a teacher and knows how much I love children's books. It was adorable!
We made mini pizzas
 Ate pink salad
 Had Cesar salad
 Enjoyed yummy french bread
 Had little shots of milk and cookies!
Fudge and Swedish Fish
 Donuts and Pie
 Amelia Bedelia place mats
 To top it all off she found this adorable Olivia outfit, doll and book for me! I can't wait to put her in this cute little dress and read to her.

I'm so grateful to all of our family and friends who have come to showers, mailed gifts, sent texts, etc. We feel so loved!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmas 2015

This was our first Christmas together in Utah. I have never been away from my family for the holiday, but with baby girl coming soon we decided it was best not to fly or drive to California this year.  Luckily we do have wonderful family here to spend the holidays with. Plus Mark and I both got sick and really needed the down time to just relax and enjoy our last Christmas just the two of us.

This picture sums up our break! My big belly and Mark snuggling with me. We really took advantage of our days off and tried to just relax. We know our days of relaxing and sleeping are quickly coming to an end.
 If Mark had his way we would have a pre lit tree, but I just can't give up the live tree just yet. We searched for a tall, beautiful, green tree, but couldn't find one. We found this adorable little tree though and decided it was perfect for us this year. My favorite part was that it fit in the back seat of our little Honda!
 Date Night
 Every year my family chooses an ornament that represents their year. It is a tradition that I really wanted to keep going with Mark and I. When we were dating I gave Mark the Love ornament as part of his Christmas gift. That year my ornament was the key because I bought my house. Last year we got our first Christmas ornament. This year Mark chose the Brooklyn ornament because she has been the very best thing to happen to us this year.
 I wasn't in the mood to do too many activities this year, but we both agree that going to see the lights on Temple Square is a must! No matter how many times I see the lights, I still am in aw of how beautiful the temple grounds really are.
 The last 3 years of kissing at the lights pictures!
 One night Mark drove me around so we could see some fun Christmas lights. We stayed in the car and enjoyed the Christmas music and sparkling lights.
 The last two years we missed the Pratt family Christmas party. We were very excited to make it this year! It was an ugly sweater party! Mark and I have been planning this since before Thanksgiving! We found these amazing blazers and decorated them ourselves. We had a blast putting them together and enjoyed showing off our hard work.
 My mother in law realized that their fireplace looked a little sad with just the Mom and Dad stockings. She found these cute little initial stockings for all the grandchildren. I love that she already had one up for Brooklyn!
 Christmas Morning!!!
 I was very anxious to open presents! In my family we do all our gifts on Christmas Eve and then Santa Christmas morning. It was very hard for me to wait. I actually forced Mark to open one present on Christmas Eve because I couldn't wait any longer. This is the belly and I waiting and waiting for Mark to wake up so we could open our presents.
 Brooklyn is already an amazing shopper and picked out this beautiful necklace with her birthstone on it for me. Thank goodness she didn't come early and will really be a January birthday!
 Mark's birthday is New Year's Eve! He had to work so I picked him up for lunch so we could celebrate early. We had a nice dinner later with family and played games until Midnight!
We decided to go small on birthday gifts this year so I had this cookie shop make these AWESOME RUSH cookies for Mark. He was so excited and doesn't want to eat them because they look so cool. He was for sure surprised!
 A couple months ago, Mark got his real birthday gift...a new snake. Macky joined the family!
We really had a great Christmas and loved spending so much time together. We are VERY excited for next Christmas when baby girl is with us to celebrate.

Thanksgiving 2015

We were so lucky to have my parents come out for a couple of days over Thanksgiving break. I always am grateful that they will make the drive to visit us when we can't come to them. It was extra nice to have help around the house and they spoiled us as always!

Mark and I tried to have a bunch of the nursery done, but of course we needed the help of Dad to hang things as well.

These two did lots of hard work so that I didn't have to!

Grandma and I shopped and did other small projects.
 Thanksgiving photos! We had a great time with the Urrys! Mark's parents are always awesome hosts and we were especially grateful they didn't mind adding my parents to the guest list.
 My mom has been working hard on making sure baby girl has a wonderful library. We realized she has over 100 books and was in need of a bookcase! She bought the bookcase and the boys set it up!
Overall it was a nice couple of days away from work and spent with family. We did eat, shop, and watch movies a lot too.