Thursday, April 26, 2012

Edible Math

What do you do when your students aren't understanding 3D shapes? Well you make them edible and then SUDDENLY it all makes sense!

Today is an I love my job day!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Proud Auntie

As most of you know my family is kind of big into sports...(huge understatement)!
I'm a little bummed I missed this little slugger's first T-ball game, but I'm glad they at least captured his big hit for me! 
Go Camden!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I haven't uploaded any of my pictures from my trip to California, but I couldn't wait to post these ones that Dawn took. I was lucky enough to get to watch this process. Parker just looked so sweet all asleep!

Isn't he precious?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

P is for Parker

Parker Emery Alan Bushey
April 16, 2012
9 lbs 4.5 oz, 21 inches

I'm so excited Parker finally joined us! My sister likes to make us all wait to find out so it makes it a little bit more exciting to find out if it will be a boy or a girl. We have been calling it Baby P for awhile now. (Parker or Peyton) Glad now he can go by his name.

Camden is the happiest boy in the world! He LOVES babies and is so good with babies! My mom said he wouldn't share with anyone. He just wanted to hold his new little brother.
Haddley is a different story... I got a text saying Haddley said he's not my favorite baby. She is such a funny girl. I think she will quickly warm up to him, but it will be struggle for her to not have Mommy and Grandma at her beck and call constantly!
Grandpa made it up to meet Parker too!
I'm so jealous I'm not there, but I will be on Wednesday! I'm sure I will love Parker just as much as all my other babies! Don't worry...more pictures to come! Ha Ha

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I HIGHLY recommend.....

A Single Voice: The Unexpected Life Is No Less a Life
A friend of mine told me I should read Sister Oaks book. I didn't know much about Sister Oaks until last year when she spoke at a CES Fireside with her husband, Elder Oaks. She is fantastic. She has a way of speaking that makes you feel like you are sitting around a kitchen table eating lunch with her. You want to be her best friend. I seriously love her! Having just finished a book I decided this would make a great next read. It has not disappointed. Most of it is geared toward single sisters, whether never married, divorced, widowed, etc. Sister Oaks talks about how she didn't marry until she was older and how sometimes it can be a hard process. More than anything I just love the way in which the book provides a strength, not because I'm single, but because I'm a daughter of God. There are so many things that I am trying to do right now and this book is providing me with a helpful road map. Read it! I think every woman should read it, single or not. It really is inspirational.

I loved this paragraph so much today that I took a picture of it so that I could have it on my phone and reread during those moments of frustration. It's a wonderful pick me up. " I came to depend on the Lord as my best friend..."
I'm not done yet, but if you need to borrow it let me know!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Titanic Day

Being a teacher is such a blessing! I get to have so much fun almost every day (let's be honest there are days I want to shoot myself too). Well today was one of the good days. I have an amazing student who LOVES the Titanic. He knows more about the Titanic than anyone I have ever met. Since it was the 100 year anniversary he has been getting the whole class very excited about it. We decided we should probably celebrate as a class. Now sometimes I'm a slacker and forget that I make these promises until the last minute. Luckily his mom had some great ideas and websites for me so that I could make this happen. The morning started off with a class discussion about the Titanic led by him (so adorable to watch). The kids talked about it, brainstormed, and even gave their input on what it would have been like. I was so proud of my deep thinkers. They then did a few activities in a packet and this fun science experiment. I had to take a few pictures on my phone of how excited they were to test different objects to see if they would float or sink like the Titanic.

They all had a list of objects and they had to predict if it would sink or float. Then as a class we dropped the objects into our "ocean" to test them out.
We then had a lesson on how the Titanic actually sank. We stood there watching this boat slowly start to fill up with water and go down nose first into our ocean.
Our ocean got a little crowded, but it was still very fun. The apple suddenly became the iceberg and started crashing into everything! Such funny kids.

When it's hard to get up in the morning I'm reminded that if I don't then I will miss out on these 20 amazing kids who I love so much!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Fun

We decided to make Easter an all weekend thing! I love the holiday and in my family we have some fun traditions. The traditions came to Utah this year! Saturday we had some friends over to decorate cookies and dye eggs. Sunday after church we cooked and cooked until we had an amazing Easter dinner prepared! So good! We were stuffed and had to walk around Daybreak before going in for dessert. Later we were joined by more friends who never had an Easter dinner, but were happy to eat our leftovers. Overall it was a wonderful Easter weekend.
Here are a few snapshots!

Can't wait for next Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


“I believe that none of us can conceive the full import of what Christ did for us in Gethsemane, but I am grateful every day of my life for His atoning sacrifice in our behalf.

“At the last moment, He could have turned back. But He did not. He passed beneath all things that He might save all things. In doing so, He gave us life beyond this mortal existence. He reclaimed us from the Fall of Adam.

“To the depths of my very soul, I am grateful to Him. He taught us how to live. He taught us how to die. He secured our salvation.”- Thomas S. Monson

I am so grateful that I have this knowledge. That I know that my Savior died for me. I'm trying to remember it more in my daily life so that I can strive to be more like Him.

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Time

I love the beginning of each month because it means I get to decorate our front room with the help of the roommates! I haven't ever decorated for spring, but I had a few ideas.
(Sorry for the bad camera phone pictures)

Years ago Nicci, Debbie, Lisa and I use to get together and paint on their dinning room table. This was my very first project. I haven't finished it, but it was done enough to add a little color to the fireplace. (wood connection)
I found these great egg ornaments at the Dollar Tree! Filled the jar with the candle full of jelly beans and tied a yellow ribbon I had around it. Walmart had these amazing yellow tulips for $5 so I couldn't resist. My two favorite things in one! I got some super cheap easter eggs and grass at Walmart. I already had the picture of Christ. Then I made the celebrate spring sign today. I got it from Poppy Seed Projects.
It all came together to form this! I'm really happy with it. Mostly I love that I spent probably about $20 to do it all and I can keep almost all of it for every spring to come!
PS...this post is basically so I can show my mom. I realize that most of you are not too concerned about what my living room looks like :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

Late Night Adventure

Sometimes you just need to be a kid again. I realize its a very dark video (it was 11:00 pm). I saw the giant box and knew I needed to take it "sledding" at the park. Great way to end the day!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Conference Weekend

General Conference weekend is always amazing. There is something wonderful about being able to listen to church leaders provide spiritual guidance and receive answers to much needed prayers. If you didn't get a chance to watch or listen and/or if you don't know what General Conference is then take a look at It was everything and more for me this weekend. So grateful to have been able to participate in such a great experience.

Saturday Afternoon view from the conference center
My mom was kind enough to get me some tickets from Bishop T!
Girls day at conference...this picture is kind of priceless.
Sunday in between session I attempted Ableskivers for the first time with some friends. They turned out yummy and will now probably be made way more often than they should!

After two wonderful days of conference it's hard to have it all end. I have lots to review and reread, but I'm excited for the challenge of furthering my knowledge and receiving more answers to my prayers. I hope everyone else has an amazing weekend as well.