Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Life

I have LOVED being home with Brooklyn! It is so nice to have summer to hang out and play together. She is the best little buddy!

We celebrated Father's Day in style. We love DADDY! Mark is so great with Brooklyn and she seriously loves every minute with him. 

Mark took some 5 month pictures. I can't believe she is already 5 months old! 

Brooklyn is doing some major teething right now. She is chewing on everything as usual, but is loving blankets, burp cloths and everything cold.
 We introduced her to bananas! It is seriously so much fun to watch her eat. It goes much better when I hold the banana for her.
 Messy banana face!

We spent a Saturday at Hidden Falls and Silver Lake. I love getting up the canyon and spending time with my two favorite people.
 Krystal came all the way from Alaska! She stayed with us fro 2 days and it was so much fun to get to joke around and have her hang with Brooklyn.
 We had cousin pictures with the Urrys. It is really hard to get 8 kids under 8 to look at the camera and smile...
 Brooklyn was not loving this, especially when it was nap time...
 My sweet baby girl just hanging with mama all day long!

I can't wait to see what the rest of summer has in store for us!

California Vacation

With summer here Brooklyn and I were ready to take our first flight to California. Lucky for us Grandma had a free flight and missed us enough to let us have it. I was so stressed about flying alone with Brooklyn for the first time, but she was amazing! Even though I know what a good baby she is, she still impresses me with how well she handles change.  Next time we can't wait to take Daddy with us.

We sat next to a nice grandpa who didn't mind happy squeals and toys on the middle seat. I was so grateful to multiple men who offered to help with her, luggage, strollers, etc. 
 My parents decided Brooklyn needed to go to her first Giants game. I was a little hesitant because we have never gone SO FAR off her schedule. Once again she did amazing and was so cute at the game.
 Kassidy and Jayden hanging out in between practices
 Brooklyn loves to people watch. New noises and people don't tend to bother her. The second we sat down she was squealing and so happy about everything. I'm pretty sure she stared at some flags above the stadium for an hour. She was so good about taking her bottle and snuggling with me for bed time.
 This kid sat next to me and helped me with EVERYTHING! He held toys, burp cloths, checked my phone, got pjs out, and even shared his garlic fries. I lucked out with this buddy.
Brooklyn LOVES books and luckily so do her cousins. Parker taught her all she needed to know about Thomas and Kass jumped in and read Froggy books. She was in heaven!
 It was so fun to have my Dad around a little bit more. Brooklyn loved playing with him and would just smile up at him constantly.

 One of the main reasons I wanted to go to California was because Camden made the All Star team! I was so proud of how hard he worked and was glad we got to watch them win the championship!
Grandpa is on his 32nd year of Nothin' But Net! He made sure to get B her very own shirt for her first year.

 This girl has a serious game face
 Aunt Jordan and B having fun with Snap Chat
 We took cousin pictures and this was a quick shot Jordan got of Brooklyn
Pretty sure this is the cutest group of kids!
 We also took advantage of a happy baby girl one afternoon and did a little tummy time session outside. Brooklyn seriously loves taking pictures with her Aunt Jordan

 California wore this girl out! She crashed for the whole plane ride home!