Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Family That Runs Together, Stays Together

I'm NOT a runner. Never have been, never will be. My sister in law, Nicole, talked the whole family into running a 5k last weekend. Mark and I originally said no way, but changed our mind when we realized the weather was nice and we needed to exercise more. 

We started with 1 mile, added a few more laps around the track. Then we hit 2 miles. We were doing well, so we kept going. Soon we were up to 3, 4, and even 5 miles. It felt good to hit our goals, but I still don't love running.

I even got new running shoes for my birthday!

Well, the day came.... 5k time! We were ready!
Did I mention we dressed up? Oh yea...this happened!

Mark kept saying our goal should be 35 minutes. I told him if I did it under 45 minutes I would be happy. I knew I would based on our times from practicing, but I really wanted to make sure I hit my goal. Mark helped me keep my pace, and even kept me running up an extremely steep hill. My knees were hurting from running down the hill and now my whole body hurt from running up the hill, but I kept running!  We crossed the finish line and I was just so happy to finish that I didn't even look at our time. Mark was so excited to tell me we did it in 34 minutes!!!! He was so proud of me for doing it. I married a good man. 

Afterwards they had food and games for everyone. 
It was so fun to do this as a family. I hope we make it a new tradition!

Since the whole family was together already, we thought we should do a small Halloween party at Nicole's house. We had food, games, crafts, and lots of kids running around. 
I really do love this new family of mine!

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