Saturday, January 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thank Goodness for Jackie Hoppes!
She is one year older and wiser today.

Top Ten Reasons To Love Her:
1.She is an amazing Mom and Grandma!
2. She doesn't hate me when I call her 3 to 4 times a day just to "chat".
3. She is am amazing cook!
4. She is willing to do anything for anyone...just ask.
5. She is clean and organized (I get it from her)
6. She works extremely hard and is probably the most creative and fun librarian.
7. She loves to read!
8. She puts up with my Dad and I on vacations!
9. At the drop of a hat she is there for her kids.
10. She is a wonderful friend and person to have on your side!

My poor mom had to suffer through a hike with my Dad and I. We thought it was just around the up over this hill...just a few more minutes...7 miles later and 2 rattlesnakes :)

So glad you were born Mom!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Early Valentine's Day

When I first got back from vacation I finished taking down all of the Christmas decorations. Since it was mid January at this point the roommates and I decided we should probably just decorate for Valentine's Day. I'm not a huge fan of the holiday, but I love decorating for it. It's about the only time I use pink...EVER! Most of our ideas are pinterest (I'm addicted) inspired, but we did throw in a few of our own touches!
This the final product!
I was going to paint a Be Mine sign and then got the idea to just use whatever paper my roommates and I had around to create this little framed art. It turned out really well and it was a good bonding experience.
I love these jars, but sometimes it's hard to find things to fill them with. This time we reused ideas and some materials. The smallest one just has red balls from Tai Pan, which we also used at Christmas. The one in the middle has paper hearts I cut out. The largest one is just different colors of tissue paper cut into strips. We had done this same thing with red and silver for Christmas.
We have a heart garland across the mirror and across the front of the fireplace. It is done with paint chips from Home Depot. We pretended to be VERY interested in paint samples. I got so interested that I actually started asking the worker questions until I remembered I was just making paper hearts! Everyone helped in cutting them out. I love the ones with the stripes on them. I then just took a needle and thread and "sewed" them together! You can't see it well, but on the mirror it says "You have stolen my heart..." which is from one of my favorite Dashboard Confessional songs.
Then we have the tree branches. I have been look everyone where for some tiny hearts to hang from them. I cam across a die cut for these hearts at work. Super easy and they hang on their own. The jar below is just filled with conversation hearts!
This was my latest pinterest project which did NOT turn out how I wanted it too. I think I didn't use enough glue, but they worked well enough to place in front of the fireplace. Its just spaghetti jars covered in tissue paper. They have a candle inside too that I have yet to light. I also added a stack of some red books (that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day) and a silver heart frame. On the opposite side (not pictured) is a wooden heart I painted last year.
As I've started to have more fun decorating this front room I've realized how happy it makes me to do these little projects and create some things. I like pulling from all over the house and trying to spend as little money as possible. I'm gaining a lot more storage boxes filled with decorations though!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Years Goals...better late than never!

I have been really thinking about my goals. I don't normally make resolutions, but it has been on my mind a lot lately. I decided that I wanted to have 10 things that could really help this year be a great year. I'm hoping that if I post them that everyone will help me stick to them!

1. Smile more.
2. Make new friends.
3. Be more spontaneous.
4. Have an "adventure" once a month.
5.Go to the temple at least twice a month.
6. Read my scriptures DAILY!
7. Work out at least 3 times a week.
8. Strive daily to be happy and worry less.
9. Be kind to everyone no matter the situation.
10. Love openly and with no fear.

Hopefully I can become a better person and improve throughout the year! Let's hope 2012 is a good one!


If you know me at all then you know that I LOVE my babies (who aren't babies anymore)! I love being an Auntie. It's basically the greatest blessing in my life. I thought I would spotlight the two oldest today. They are pretty dang cute and special.

Camden..aka Mr. Poopy Pants
This kid is the love of my life. If I never get married and have kids of my own I will just adopt him. I'm pretty sure this comes from the fact that I lived with him the first month of his life in WY. I spent every nap cuddled up next to him and gave him his first treats. We have a unique bond. He is silly and always makes me laugh in person and over the phone. He has a way even at the age of 4 of knowing exactly what I need to hear. We often part crying because we both don't want me to go back to Utah. He hates Utah by the way. He says it with so much hate. Ashlee why do you have to go back to UTAH? It breaks my heart. For Christmas he got me a heart necklace because he told Cami that I needed it so that I could always remember that he loves me...yeah he is precious! I hope he never stops loving me and wanting to snuggle up to me!
Kassidy aka Princess!
She is the oldest of the kids. She is adorable. I'm pretty sure she gets prettier every time I see her. She is a model through and through. I think it's because Jordan has made her pose for so many pictures. Even when I was in NC every picture she took of me she would pose me. Ashlee look over your shoulder. Ashlee move your hair. Its so cute. She is in Kindergarten now and I'm not sure how that happened. No clue when she grew up. She is starting to read and write. It boggles my mind. I helped her with her homework! She has homework! She is so cute with little Jayden and is such a good big sister. She is full of hugs and still will jump on my lap to hang out. She is becoming a lovely little girl.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Basketball Heaven

After Christmas break in California I made a trip to North Carolina to stay with Kyle, Jordan, Kassidy, and Jayden! I have never been to NC so I was really excited to get to see the place. I soon realized North Carolina is BASKETBALL HEAVEN! Why on earth don't I live there? I couldn't get enough of it on top of the fact that I was getting to spend time with my family. We did lots of little things and then most of our big activities involved basketball! Here is a peek at my fun trip!
Kassidy had her first basketball game! Lucky #10!
She was a little unsure about it at first, but quickly picked up the idea!
Kyle goes to UNC and is studying physical therapy! He is a rockstar! I don't know how he does it. I'm just so proud of him for doing so well. I love that he is such a big UNC fan and is actually able to go to school there and be part of it all. He talked me into wearing the wrong color blue and going to a game with him!
The Dean Dome
UNC played really well. I was very impressed with how well they moved the ball.
On Tuesday Kyle didn't have class so Jordan, Kyle, Jayden and I took a trip out to DUKE! We headed right for Cameron Indoor. We walked around and then I peeked behind a curtain to see what the court looked like. Apparently they were having a closed practice so we quickly were asked to leave.
There is a Duke Museum inside Cameron so it was fun to go through some of the best memories of DUKE games!

If this sign was not there you would have no idea that was Cameron Indoor. It is so small with the most beautiful stained glass windows. Does not look like a gym at all!
On Thursday UNC had an open practice. I loved this! I wish I could watch them practice every Thursday from 3:00-5:00. We just sat in the stands quietly watching. Afterwards Roy came over and thanked everyone for coming. He also apologized for the awful practice that happened. Marshall is my favorite player #5. I am extremely impressed with his passing ability. On the very far left you have the Mormon kid who will soon be leaving them for a mission... apparently he is planning on playing for BYU after the mission.

I once again sported my UNC physical therapy school shirt in honor of the occasion.
Now comes the best part! Kyle, aka the best brother in the world, was able to get me a ticket to a DUKE game. He met a kid during one of his classes that goes to Duke. He was able to get the guy to give up his pass for the night and get me a student ID so that I could go to the game. Its been a bucket list item of mine for FOREVER!
The kids were not thrilled about my shirt choice!
I had been really nervous about going to the game. I didn't want to get his friend in trouble or the girl that was letting me borrow her ID. I was really bummed that Kyle wasn't going to be able to go, but I knew I had to just enjoy my time at the game. Kyle's friend Ross was so nice. He met us and showed me where to go. He even was able to stand in the wait line and get in too. He found me and had me come stand with him. We cheered. I was a Cameron Crazie! I did the cheers and just had a great time!

Plumlee and Dawkins
Seth Curry
We won...barely. We did not play very well. 61 to 58. We even let them get off two three point attempts in the last seconds. I was so glad we won though! Thank goodness!
I was so pumped up after the game. Ross was nice enough to take my picture and even walked me to meet Kyle. Such a nice guy! I'm not sure why I don't go back to school and go to DUKE. I would LOVE IT!

Thank you North Carolina for treating me well. I'm lucky to have such a great brother who has such a great wife (cooked and entertained me all day)! I loved spending time with the kiddos. Can't wait to go back for Kyle's graduation!

Monday, January 16, 2012

PHS Alumni Basketball Game

One of my favorite parts about going home at Christmas is that I usually get to play in the alumni basketball game. It is a wonderful tradition. I was very lucky to get to play for Coach Johnson and to get to spend my time with such wonderful people playing basketball! It really doesn't get much better than that. I have extremely fond memories of basketball seasons, even when it wasn't always "fun". I look forward every year to get out there and be a T-Girl again.

Janelle and I before the game!
This year I had quite the cheering section!
The Alumni and the T-Girls (WE WON!)
Legs (Ashlyn) and I
She is clearly way taller than me! I call her Legs because when we would sit on the bench next to each other her legs were always so much taller than mine. I'm pretty sure my knee could have slid under hers. We were the same age and now are the OLDIES together.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disneyland at Christmas Time

The family got together down in Disneyland. Kassidy has been every year since she was born so we decided to squeeze in a little trip down there! My parents, Camden, Haddley, Kyle, Jordan, Kassidy, Jayden, and then some of Jordan's family all came. There were a lot of people in Disneyland, but we lucked out with PERFECT weather and had a blast. Here are just some of the favorite pictures from the trip! (sorry there are lots!)

Dad, Haddley, and I on a ride in Bugs Life
I got the flu the first day, but thank goodness took a miracle pill that made me feel much better. Kyle and I waiting with the little ones while the adults rode the roller coaster.
Jordan, Kassidy and I on the Winnie the Pooh ride
Meeting Mickey! This was Brian's first time at Disneyland!
This is Camden trying to listen and take a picture while still enjoying the ride!
Grandpa got tricked into doing the ladybug ride with Haddley...basically just like the tea cups! His FAVORITE!
The Queen of Hearts was awesome! The kids all had autograph books and she signed them all and then helped get them all together (which is hard) for a picture!
I have never been more impressed with the castle!
Grandma waiting in line with Haddley to meet the princesses!
Everyone trying to keep busy until it's time to go in! favorite!
This is my FAVORITE picture from the trip. Haddley wore her Tiana dress and was so excited to meet her. She sat down just like her and was amazed by her. It was adorable.
Camden kept telling us he didn't want to meet a princess, he wanted to meet a prince. Well the Dukes, aka the workers were kind and posed for him and gave their autographs.
Camden walked right up to Pocahontas and said I have your movie!
The Mad Hatter was hilarious and Camden couldn't get enough of his jokes.
Fawn one of Tinker Bell's friends was so good with the kids.
Even Jayden liked Tigger!
On our very last night while we were packing up to leave they made an announcement for a special performance. We weren't near the performance, but all of a sudden it began to "snow". Camden went nuts! He loved it. You can just tell by the look on his face.
Disneyland at Christmas is busy, but it really was a blast. I'm glad we got to go and have a little bit of fun with the family!