Friday, October 3, 2014


I'm a little bit of a sentimental sap. I love family stories, objects, keepsakes, etc. There is something about having things passed down from people that I just love, especially if it is something that I have loved since I was a kid.

I'm extremely lucky to have a generous Mom. I've loved her china that she got when she got married for a really long time. I always told her that some day I would love her china. My mom decided that since I was getting married and she still had her Mom's china, that she would give me hers. 

This picture clearly doesn't do it justice, but it is beautiful. This piece is actually one from my brother and his family that they gave to add to my new collection.

 I have this cabinet next to my recipe wall. The recipes are my Grandma Mutin's recipes. They are the actual cards she used, cover in all sorts of cooking supplies.
 While I was home in California my sister told me she had a bunch of crystal that Grandma Mutin had bought for us. She had gotten it to match the crystal that was once hers and now my mom's. She wanted Cami and I both to have enough pieces for a set. Thank you Grandma!
 My sweet Grandma Hoppes gave me this crystal vase and another vase that were given to her by my Great Grandma Hubbard and my Grandpa Hoppes. Mark brought me home beautiful "just because" flowers and I couldn't resist putting them in this beautiful vase.
I love having pieces in my house that are from my childhood, grandparents, parents, etc. 

Now I just want to throw a fancy party and use it all!

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