Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I have been blessed with AMAZING friends. Amazing probably isn't even the best word to use. I have friends from birth, Jr. High, high school, college, my time in Provo, work, etc. I am one lucky lady. The best part about all of these amazing friends is their families. This includes parents, siblings, and kids. I am Aunt Ashlee to many children and I love it. 
All of this brings me to one special family that I couldn't love any more even if I tried... The Scotts. They are incredible. I met Matt and Megan and Matt in Provo. We were all in the same ward. I was Megan's visiting teacher and I played volleyball sometimes with Matt. They fell in love and got married. They have two little boys who I adore. Liam and Nate are the greatest. Liam is polite and silly all at the same time. He will talk your ear off and call you Miss Ashlee. He is my buddy. Nate is the miracle baby. We didn't know if he was going to make it here, but we all hoped and prayed he would. Now I know why. That boy can giggle and smile like no other little guy. He is a joy to be around. 

Since it was a miracle that Nate made it to the Scott family, they decided that birthday #1 should be a big one! Megan did a great job with doing a circus theme and including yummy treats and games. I was so glad Mark and I were able to stop by for a little bit to celebrate. Megan sent me these pictures and I couldn't help, but smile at how happy this kid makes me.

We love you Nate and the whole Scott Family!

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