Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Eve

Mark was born on New Year's Eve! I think that's why he loves to have so much fun! We had a great time celebrating this year! We both woke up super early and I was so excited to give him his gifts. He got some movies, shorts, and he gets to drive an exotic car around a race track. Now to some people that wouldn't be a big deal, but we are talking about Mark here! He was THRILLED! I was so glad that I found something to surprise him with. 

My sister surprised Mark with a terrarium for Christmas. He has been talking about wanting a snake for the longest time, and I finally decided to surprise him with one! She got the supplies and Mark spent the morning picking a snake out. 

Later we had a wonderful family dinner and then a little New Year's Eve party with some extended family. We sat around and laughed, ate, talked, and played with the kids. It was a long day, but a great one. As you can see Mark and I showed up in our finest!

The next day we kept the fun going by going to the gun range! Mark's aunt, uncle, and cousin were in town so we had some fun with them. It was nice to go out and do something, even if guns aren't always my first choice. The picture of the target and gun are what I did. They played with a lot more guns and way bigger ones. I'm not quite ready for that just yet!

The year finally came to a conclusion...2014 was AMAZING! It brought so many wonderful surprises for both Mark and I. We have loved the ups and downs and have had so much fun doing it all together. We look forward to 2015!

Christmas Break

It was our year to spend Christmas break in California! It was so nice to be able to share some of our silly traditions and craziness with Mark. We love Christmas at our house!

Buffalo Wild Wings with the family! 1 year of free wings is now up :(
 These two don't take pictures seriously anymore!
 All my babies!
 Look who stole my phone!
 Allison and I got Mark this shirt for Christmas. He wore it to our BFF lunch!
 Christmas Morning...yes we look tired
 Mark spoiled me! He did such a good job!
 Before we left Petaluma we had to stop in for some chocolate dipped cones!
 My parents decided that since Mark loves brownies that he should have a brownie cake for his birthday. We had fun doing an early celebration. Mark got the new pan he has been wanting and a Chicago Cubs toaster!
 Once we got back to Utah we were surprised to see that Santa had visited our house!! We are so spoiled!
I was spoiled and Santa and Mark worked together! Mark took a beautiful and HUGE picture of the Draper Temple (where we were married) and Santa helped him frame it for me! I also got a ton of cool sewing things! 

We had a great Christmas in California!

Of course I was a total slacker and didn't take any pictures of our Urry Christmas! We had the whole gang over to our house on Sunday so we could exchange our presents. It was fun to see everyone. I knew it would be hard for Mark to be away from his family on Christmas, but I didn't realize how much I would miss seeing them on Christmas. I got a little teary eyed as we talked to them on the phone and I realized we were the only ones not there :(. We will love our Urry Christmas in Utah next year!

12 Dates of Christmas

Mark and I were very excited to celebrate our first Christmas together! Mark came up with the idea of doing 12 DATES of Christmas this year and I ran with the idea. I married a man who loves presents so I had fun giving him a present for each of our dates.
I really didn't want to turn this into a huge money sucker, but more fun activities we could do every day to celebrate the season and more importantly spend quality time together.

I decided to have a kick off party to our date nights! We made snowmen pizzas, had a sleepover in the living room, and watched movies.

Date #1- Temple Square Lights
We did this last year and it was the highlight of my Christmas season. When I was singled I always hoped that someday I could come see the lights with my hubby. Lucky for me, he is willing to go see the lights with me!

Date #2- A Christmas Story
Mark had really been wanting to watch this movie and I had never seen it all the way through! Since our mattress was still in our living room from our sleep over it was the perfect snuggle date.

Date #3- Gingerbread Houses
I decided to go homemade on this one! It was my first time and I was surprised with how well they turned out. We had fun decorating and eating candy together.

Date #4- Elf Scavenger Hunt
Gardner Village decorates for the season and they have elves (scary ones) everywhere. They have a handout that asks you to look for different elves around the property. It was freezing, but we searched for them all and window shopped.

Date #5- Delivering Cookies
I baked and decorated cookies and then we dropped them off to some friends and family together that night. It was a nice chance for us to see a few people before the holidays.

Date #6- Road Trip and Christmas Music
We headed to California this day, so our day/night was filled with chatting, snacks, and even a few Christmas songs.

Date #7- Family Party
Every year my Aunt throws an awesome Christmas party with the help of all her daughters. We love getting to see our extended family. Last year Mark took a pie to the face because he was the new guy. Luckily this year he just got to eat food and play with the kids.

Date #8- Hot Chocolate and Family
Now that we were in California our dates included family sometimes. Since we had been traveling and were exhausted that night was just a relaxing night hanging out with family and sipping hot chocolate. 

Date #9- San Francisco
Last year when Mark came to meet my family we had a wonderful day in the city. This year we enjoyed another warm day in the city. I'm not sure how we have lucked out with such good weather both years. We explored Union Square this year.
We were also greeted by a sweet monk who spoke little English. He gave Mark a bracelet, then me, told us to write our names in his book and pick something to pray for. Then he told us that would be $20??!!! What? You are wanting me to pay $20 for a prayer?? How about $10. So we kept the bracelets and hopefully have some prayers for love and hope coming our way!

Date #10-Christmas
Since some of my family had to work on Christmas we did an early Christmas together. We celebrated on the 23rd and opened all of our presents! 

Date #11- Christmas Lights
We went with my parents and my sister's family to go see some Christmas lights. There is one neighborhood not far from us that know what they are doing with lights! The one house actually was on ABC and won $50,000 for being so awesome!

Christmas finally came! Mark and I spent the morning opening our presents to one another. I was spoiled rotten! Then my sister and her family came over to have breakfast and open our Santa presents! We spent all morning in our PJs lounging. It was a very low key Christmas day!

We had so much fun celebrating our FIRST Christmas together! I think this might become a new tradition for us. I seriously recommend it to everyone. Even if you have kids, I think you can make it family dates with 1 or 2 special husband and wife dates too!