Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Adventure!

Wes came for a visit this last weekend. It was nice that I didn't have to make the 3 1/2 hour drive this time! We had a busy and fun weekend mostly spent in Salt Lake. We had beautiful warm weather all weekend, which made me pretty happy too!

Saturday morning we decided to head up to Temple Square. We realized once we got there that we hadn't been to Temple Square together since 7 years ago when we first met. (The night we met, our ward was going to Temple Square to look at the lights.) It wasn't super busy, except for right near the temple where all the couples were taking their wedding pictures. We avoided that section! We walked the grounds, headed over to City Creek for breakfast and then finished up at the visitor center. I maybe asked Wes if he wanted to go see the chrysalis...oh the life of a second grade teacher who has spent all week studying butterflies :) We got a pretty good laugh at that when he called me out on it. I was hoping he hadn't heard me, oh but he had! 
This temple amazes me every time I see it!
 Spring has sprung! Even Wes could appreciate the beauty and smell of the flowers.

On the way back to the car Wes pointed out all the people at the conference center. I noticed the people on the roof and commented that I had never been up there. He suggested we try and go see it. I'm so glad we did because it was incredible! The people who built it thought of EVERYTHING. 
It was the perfect way to spend our morning!

After the temple we switched into Supercross mode! Wes had gotten tickets from work that we couldn't refuse to use. Wes loves supercross and has been really good about teaching me about it along the way. I'm not an expert, but I've asked enough questions now that I am starting to understand more. It's been really nice to have something that he loves carry over into something we can do together. 
We got there early enough to watch practice.
 Millsaps...#18! My favorite!
 Millsaps riding the rhythm section
 450s Main Event
Millsaps didn't win, but he did get 2nd. Unfortunately Villopoto did win and made it so that he is the winner for the season. Kind of bummed about that because he is our least favorite.
 We had sunshine which led to sunburns, but we had a lot of fun!

It was a great weekend and can't wait until the next time we get to have another adventure together!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So I bought a....HOUSE!

I woke up about a month and a half ago and decided I was going to buy a house. That same day I got in contact with the greatest realtor (Matt Scott) and we started the process. It all has happened pretty quick, but I have found a house that I love and am really excited! It is a Fieldstone home being built in Herriman, Utah. Yup...I'm going to own a house in Utah. I NEVER thought that would happen...ever! The great part about this is that I have been able to pick out the things that I want in the house and make sure it is all stuff that I really like. I can't wait to finally have a space to decorate all my own and not have to move every year. 

The process has been a bit overwhelming, but I have lucked out with the help that I have received. Realtor, banks, loan guys, parents, etc. have all been so good to me! I would be 100% lost without everyone's help. 

Here is a sneak peak!

This is the model home (garage will be normal). These are the colors and the exact look of what my house will be like on the outside. Above is basically the materials/colors for the kitchen.
Outside of my house!
 Flooring, counter tops, cabinets, bathroom
I chose stainless steal gas appliances!
 My mom and I have started getting ideas for some curtains/pillows. I really want blues in my downstairs kitchen, dining room, and living room. I might do a fun roman shade in the middle chevron fabric and then do curtains in the living room with one of the others? That is all very up in the air. It is fun to start brainstorming though!

This is a big scary grown up step, but it is happening!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

California Fun

I've posted a lot about California, but here are the last pictures from my latest adventure there. I love being able to go home and spend time with my family. Clearly most of my time there is spent with my sister's kids. We have a good time!

Haddley called me one afternoon and asked if I could come swimming. OF COURSE that was a yes! We had a great time playing at the pool, but boy do they wear me out!

 Camden is becoming a great leader reader! (Haddley is too!)
 I love all the green and yellow fields this time of year!
 Grandma spoiling Parker
 Went for a run one morning! 
So nice to have this as a view and for it to be warm enough to run outside!
 Cami had me watch the kids one day and I picked Haddley up from school. There are ducks/geese everywhere. We couldn't resist a quick photo with them.
 In the middle of my California trip I went on the cruise. I wasn't able to see Camden before I was going to leave, so I decided to surprise him at school. Cami told his teacher I would be coming to take him to lunch. She packed him a snack in his lunch box, but nothing else. When I got there his teacher said Camden look whose here! He came right over with his lunch box and a sad face. I asked what was wrong and he said, "but mom didn't even make me a sandwich!" I thought he was going to cry. I quickly told him it was because I was there to take him OUT to lunch. We hit up McDonald's and had a great time hanging out. Of course we had to get ice cream too! It was fun to just have a little time with my sweet boy.

As always I had a great time visiting. It's been nice that I can go home so often. I can't wait until (hopefully) Kyle moves close by and I will have all my kiddos close by to spoil!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Memory Lane...The College Years

College = the best 4 years of my life!
Don't get me wrong there were struggles along the way, but such a great time of my life. I really do look back on the whole experience and just laugh at all of the many adventures I had. As I pulled down box after box and remembered everything I just felt so blessed to have had the experiences that I did. 

Freshman Year: Chapman Hall

We took a dorm picture at the beginning of every year. I am in the middle about 7 rows from the bottom. Blue shirt, tan jacket.
Dorm Dance- everything about this picture makes me happy!
Collin and I
I even found my old box of letters from all my guy friends freshman year!
 Classic first letter home with the name tag rubbing!
I made so many great friends that year! Still have a ton of them in my life too!

Sophomore Year:
Graham, Bean, Dugan, Craig and I
Kdawg, Ash, and I...who knows what???

Dorm picture cropped... Love these girls!
Alex...funniest boyfriend I've ever had!
 Best Valentine's Day Card I have ever received!
I wish I could post every picture and tell every story from this year. It was incredible. I'm pretty sure I laughed more that year than any other.

Junior Year:
I opened up my Junior year journal and this was the first thing I saw. Pretty much sums up how much fun we had that year! 
Yup...Amanda and I dressed up again...
 Margarita Night with my girls!
 Tried to go as dark as Claudia...if only my skin would!
Taylor and Bitsy (our illegal pet cat) She LOVED Taylor and hated me
 Missing a few people, but our little gang! 
Amanda, Danny, Me, Claudia, Mitch, Alsop
Junior year taught me a lot about life. It also taught me to not take myself too seriously sometimes...hence the dress up pictures. I probably danced more my Junior Year than any other year.

Senior Year:
 Making tin foil dinners..prep work for our camping trip!
 Spent the night running around campus doing things we probably shouldn't have been doing (yes, this is the Rick's building and no you aren't suppose to climb the wall of windows)
 Lots of laughing!
 Camping every weekend!
 The Moab trip we almost didn't survive...
Just hanging in a Cello box
 New Year's Eve in Redding (Amanda has a great story about this night...)
 Last bonfire before graduation!
Ward retreat at the cabin with Amanda, Marci, Co, and I
Senior year was all about friends, music, camping, teaching, and just loving life!

I look back at all of these pictures and I can't help, but miss everyone in these pictures and so many more people. I made the greatest friends and had the best time in college...oh and I got an education on top of that!!! Idaho is home to me. Even now when I go back and see all the changes, I still smile at all my memories of BYUI! 

Memory Lane...The Younger Years

While home I thought it would be fun to go through my box of pictures my parents have of me. I couldn't help but laugh at ALL of them because I did some of the silliest things, dressed in AMAZING clothes, and just looked so young. It was fun to go down memory lane. I later pulled out some old boxes and found some from high school too, which was really fun to remember.

I love the smirk on my grandpa's face in the top picture. He was trying to teach us to do cartwheels. Major fail because I still can't do a cartwheel. The bottom two are with Grandma and Grandpa Mutin!
 I loved riding horses growing up...and I still do!
 My dad and I (this is framed in my room), Auntie Lynne and I, Me apparently excited to rock that cat sweater, gymnastics most likely in preschool.
 These 3 were my favorites. You can't see it, but the picture is really suppose to be of Cami opening a present. Of course being the adorable child that I am made a face in every picture!
 High School:
Rickard, Carrie and I probably up to no good! 
Project Graduation
 Senior year- Devin, Carrie, Me, Shum
Devin and I- best friends
Carrie and I
Baywatch Babes
Hiding under a blanket at the beach
Peace out Ptown (pretty sure our last trip to the beach before we left for college)
Birthday picture of us turning 18!!

There were so many fun pictures. I spent these two days just smiling remembering all of these great memories. So glad I have them documented so I can go back through them years later!