Friday, October 3, 2014


I love applesauce! I especially love it on pork chops. My mother knows this and now my husband laughs at me as i dip every bite into applesauce. I grew up eating homemade applesauce. My mom and my grandma both made it and I always loved opening the cabinets and having it in there. I have made crockpot applesauce with my students before for Johnny Appleseed Day, but never at home to can. After reading up on it and talking to my mom I decided I wanted to try and make a small batch. I didn't follow a recipe, I just did everything to taste. 
I literally cored the apples, added some water, threw in some cinnamon and mashed it all together! 
I think it turned out great! Next season I'll be more on top of things and pick my own apples and do a ton more jars, but this was a great first trial run.

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