Thursday, January 23, 2014

Ice Castles

I started seeing on instagram and Facebook lots of pictures of really cool ice castles. I looked them up and was so excited to see that they were in Midway. I'm pretty sure that I asked Mark if we could go see them EVERY day until we finally went. We decided to double with his cousin and his wife. We had a really great time. Totally worth it, although we almost slipped and died on the ice many times.
 I loved all the colors!

 We never have any fun.... ;)
I was surprised by the size of the castle!
I hope the ice castles make their way back to Utah soon!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Guess what....


Okay, not all sushi, but I have been very brave lately and tried sushi a couple of times. Mark loves sushi and so do his parents. He is really good about picking kinds I will like. I even ate eel and tuna. CRAZY!

Sushi is beautiful too! I had no idea. I also LOVED my fortune from a couple of weeks ago. Got Mark and I laughing pretty good.


Life is pretty busy at the moment, but it has been wonderful! 
Here is a quick look at what I've been up to:

Saying Mark is a "car guy" is an understatement! He LOVES cars. I think cars are cool and pretty, but that is about it. I know nothing about them. We stopped by the car show and we both were drooling by the end. The top Mustang is my dream car! Oh my gosh! Seriously made Mark look at it multiple times with me. His dream car is the shiny red one.
 We had a night in of playing old school Nintendo! Grey box, rectangle paddles, blow on the games so they work kind of fun! It was awesome! We played LoLo, which is a mind/puzzle game for hours! Total nerds. I highly recommend doing that if you can. Perfect, free game night.
 Lini and Josh had a baby! I got to play Auntie to the other two for the day and got to see the new little one soon after he was born. Such a fun day! Mark, the drummer, showing me his mad skills and pretending to be hardcore. Oquirrh Mountain Temple. Salt Lake Temple.
Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I was lucky enough to get the day off. Mark had to work. I did get to take him to lunch though, which was out of the ordinary and very fun. I always enjoy a little extra time with him. I'll take whatever I can get! 

January has been great! Can't wait to see what the rest has to offer!

Christmas Surprises

Since I was gone most of December, Mark and I decided to do Christmas once I got back. I maybe couldn't wait though. While he was in California I decided to just give him his present. I decided over Thanksgiving to make a quilt for Mark. My mom of course got roped into helping me. Thank goodness for moms. I loved how it turned out and Mark was so surprised.
Mark and I have a joke about fishy kisses. You'll notice that we both stuck with that theme although we didn't know the other one was doing something with that as well.

Mark out did himself for my gift. He was so good about keeping it a surprise for me. The only clue I got was BLUE. I have never felt so loved. The night I flew in he went over to my house and set up my kitchen table for a fun dessert night. He bought me white roses, framed a picture of us, had sparkling cider, and ice cream! He sure knows how to make a girl feel special. He handed me the sweetest card and a BLUE Tiffany's box. WHAT???? Yeah...I was in shock. I opened it and the most beautiful necklace was sitting inside. It is an amazing fishy. I love it because it's exactly the type of thing I would wear. It is a fish, but doesn't look like a fish. It was the PERFECT gift. If you hear the back story behind what he had to do to get the necklace your heart would melt. I seriously couldn't be any luckier. Easily my favorite Christmas gift I have ever received. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas in California

Sunny and Fun are the perfect ways to describe Christmas in California this year! I was loving the weather and enjoying being with my family.

My parents and I enjoyed breakfast at IHOP! 
These white chocolate and raspberry pancakes were heavenly!
 These kids make Christmas so much more fun!
 Jayden got a huge bike from Grandma & Grandpa! 
He is all boy and LOVED riding it around!
 Santa was very kind this year.
 My babies... who are growing up way too fast.
 Every year we all get a new ornament. It usually represents something that you did that year. I thought a key was appropriate in honor of me buying a new house.
 More presents!
It was a relaxing holiday and always so wonderful to be with my family!