Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brewer, Jerai, and a walk down memory lane...

Thursday after work I headed up to Primary Children's Hospital to see Jerai and Brewer! It was so good to get to see them and spend some quality time holding Brewer. He is such a sweet baby and is so full of love! I loved being able to just sit and talk to Jerai about life, babies, hospitals, and the gospel. It was a wonderful way to spend my night! 

Jerai was nice enough to let me bounce Brewer to sleep! 
 Little Brewer watching a little Wipeout!
 I took this one from Jerai's blog so you can see that cute little smile!

A little background...
Jerai and I met in college and it had been years since we had seen each other. I was able to visit up in Driggs, Idaho a month ago and I'm so glad we are now in touch and I'm able to spend time with her and Brewer!

A walk down memory lane!
I'm pretty sure this was a dorm dance? I think it was through the ages or something???
 Kidnapping Mo for her birthday!
College really was the best 4 years of my life and all because of the amazing friends I made! So lucky to get to still have these amazing people in my life.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

4th of July

I always try to be home to celebrate the 4th with my family. I've become even more attached to the holiday since Camden was born. It was the day he was blessed 5 years ago and I just like to spend that time with him and of course the other kiddos. We had a blast as always! I started the morning driving with Cami and her family up to her friend Kenna's house for a little party. The kids and I spent our time in the pool while the adults chatted away. We came home to a lovely BBQ at my parent's house. We went to the fairgrounds for fireworks and even got to enjoy them with the Murrays this year! Last we headed home for the Hoppes Firework Show! My Dad was in charge of getting our supply this year and he did a great job. It was late, but we had a blast watching them all go off! Such a wonderful holiday that I'm lucky enough to spend with such a wonderful family!

Camden is a little obsessed with his new snorkeling gear...he insisted on practicing in the car!
 Love these kids!

 Fireworks at the Fairgrounds
We like to call this Camden's Magic Mike moment! Out of nowhere he just started taking off his jacket and swinging it over his head! It was hilarious. Cami and I thought we might wet our pants.

 I feel like this was Haddley's first time really loving fireworks. She just kept saying I'm a big girl Ashlee...I can do fireworks.
 Grandpa showing the kids how to have a Hoppes 4th of July!

A California Summer

Lucky me! I got to spend most of my summer break in California with my amazing family! Perfect weather, mixed with fun activities daily, and those amazing kiddos was just what I needed!

Just a little fun at Six Flags Marine World
 Grandpa and Haddley- This picture reminds me so much of how I am with my Dad. I'm glad to see Haddley loves him just as much as I do!
 Feeding the Giraffes! One of our favorite things to do although they changed the system and it's a total waste of money now.
 We spent almost every day at the pool. Sometimes the kids had lessons in the morning and mom and I would have water aerobics. At night we would go hang by the pool too. I made Ryan take this picture because Haddley kept saying I just want to hold your hand. She is a sweetie!
Camden is learning to play tennis! 
Salmon Creek Beach - Allison and her nephew came with Camden, Haddley and I to the beach one day. It was a little windy and the water was freezing, but the kids had a great time!
 Date Time- Camden is the BEST date! He is funny, handsome, has great manners, is happy to spend time with me, and LOVES ME! The Perfect Date! We went to see Brave and then of course had to go get a dip top cone!
 For the longest time I had been telling the kids we could have a campout in the backyard! Grandpa helped make it all happen for us! We started with a fire and s'mores and then slept in the tent!

I love pictures of this because it reminds me so much of my two grandpas and how they always were with us. Clearly my Dad learned from his Dad how to have a great time!
 The kids slept wonderfully...I did not!

Haddley is just so cute in her little swimsuit! Such a fish now too!
 This was my Sunday! Love P!
 Parker hanging out while the rest of us swim! All smiles!

 It was a good summer break! 
An adventure every day!
 Just the way it should be when Aunt Ashlee comes to town!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Joshua Radin

I discovered Joshua Radin from his song "The Fear You Won't Fall" that played on Grey's Anatomy years ago. I scribbled down every lyric because I couldn't get over how wonderful it was. Since then I have listened to every song and tried to go to every concert when he is here in Salt Lake. I'm in love! He is such an amazing songwriter/performer. This concert took the cake. It was at The Depot, I got to sit and enjoy, be with wonderful friends, hear amazing songs, and it was silent while he performed and spoke. It was amazing as the crowd fell silent as he played and then gave him the respect he deserves as we listened to his witty stories about each song. Couldn't have asked for a better way to spend my last night before I had to go back to work!