Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I'm not a huge fan of Halloween. I think once I have kids this will change, but for now the idea of 23 students running around in costume is just...NOT FUN! Also there is a Halloween parade at work. It means I get to walk around with parents awkwardly staring at me...NOT FUN. Normally I get a little more into it, but this year I have just been too busy. No parties, no dances, no dressing up (well I'm a cowgirl, but that's boring.) I barely put up my Halloween decorations in my house. I'm struggling with October apparently!

Just a little taste of my Halloween at school.
The Queen of Hearts was my favorite costume this year (the skirt...not pictured was adorable)!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Dreams Came True!

Last night my dreams came true! I met Ian Axel! I have the biggest nerd crush on the guy. I love his music, I love his curly hair, I love his piano skills. To make things even better Greg Holden played with him. In between sets I got really brave and went and talked to Ian. I was a giddy little school girl and I'm sure made a fool of myself, but I don't care. It was awesome!!!
Greg English man! Plus my man Ian!
 A Great Big World...Ian and Chad
 They ended the show singing together! Ian, Chad and Greg
If you don't know should!

Boston, Baby, and BFF

To start off my track break I headed to Boston. Collette was pregnant and going to have a baby at any moment. Leading up to my trip I was very worried about her possibly not having the baby and me missing it all. Lucky for me Co had her baby the morning I flew in. So the next day I got to meet Darwin Wixom Call! He is adorable! I just love him so much.
 I was so happy to get to snuggle with this little guy whenever Co needed me to.
 I also got to spend some time around Harvard enjoying the fall weather.
 Heidi (Co's Mom) and I ventured out shopping. I loved this farmer's market type grocery store!
 One afternoon I walked the streets of Boston!
 It was Justin's birthday so we took Darwin out for his first outing to the Friendly Toast. 
It was amazing. So much food!
It was so fun to be in Boston, with Collette, and enjoying Darwin's first few days. 
I can't wait to visit again soon!

Late Night With Roy!

While in North Carolina I was able to be in town for LATE NIGHT WITH ROY! Kyle was super excited that I was able to come this year. It was the official kick off to the basketball season for UNC. Yes I'm a Duke fan, but I love basketball and it was an awesome way to spend my nice in the basketball capitol of the US. 

We were pumped for the show to start!
 UNC fans!
 They introduced a bunch of the athletes from the different sports and had to spell out UNC. It was neat to see the athletes get so excited about such a fun night.
 The players performed different dances with the different dance teams throughout the evening. I thought it was pretty cool that these big basketball players would do something like this.
 They play white team vs blue team. They are a young team and I didn't recognize most of the players, but it's UNC basketball so it was great to watch!
Basketball season has officially begun!!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

I'm 25....I mean I'm 29!

While in North Carolina I had a birthday....yeah those still happen. I like to tell people I'm 25, but really I'm in my late twenties...aka 29! UGH!

I'm not a birthday person at all. I actually try to leave the country/state so that there is very little fuss made over my birthday. Of course since I was visiting my brother they made sure to fuss over me. I will say that when you are being fussed over by a 3 year old and a 6 year old it is pretty fun.

Kyle made me crepes to start the morning out right!
He also mentioned that this birthday was about eating as many calories as happened!
 Kyle then took me to the UNC basketball museum. I loved it! Although I'm a DUKE fan I do love UNC and their basketball program. Most people don't get that, but when you love basketball like I do you learn to appreciate all of basketball.
 This is the actual center court from when they won in 2005
 Kyle gave me the grand tour of campus. It is very pretty. I love all the brick. This is the bell tower. He also showed me where he has class. I loved getting to see the campus and just spending some quiet time chatting with my favorite brother.
 Lunch at Sutton's! This made me really happy! Sutton's is on Franklin St. right across from campus. It's an old drug store that has a grill. The players eat there too (not that day though). Of course I got an amazing burger, fries, and milkshake!
 Jayden showed me the Well. There is some good luck behind it. I think you are suppose to kiss it before the school year to bring you good luck. Jayden was told by Kyle that people pee on it so he was very nervous about me getting even close to it for a picture.
 Showing off my UNC pride.
Jordan asked Jayden what kind of cake they should make for me. Jayden decided that the horse cake would for sure be what I would want. I will eat any cake this cute kid makes for me!
 My mom always makes me tortellini for my birthday. 
Jordan was nice enough to do the same! Super yummy!
 How cute are those cakes? They had a blast decorating and I'm pretty sure they went through a couple bottles of sprinkles too.
 Love these two!
Thanks UNC Hoppes family for spoiling me on my birthday!

Maybe 29 won't be so bad....maybe.

UNC Life

I could move to North Carolina! It is beautiful there. I was able to go visit my brother and his family while I was off track. It was my second trip there and much warmer this time. It's fun to get to see Jayden and Kassidy in their every day life and not just in California on vacation. I was so lucky that they let me come visit. Lots of pictures!

It was stormy my first day in town so we played a VERY long game of Monopoly.
 Kassidy treated me to a spa day!
 Jayden picked me flowers!
 We played soccer!
 Watching Jayden play made me really want my future children to play soccer. He is just so tiny and adorable.
 Our favorite game...Pretty Pretty Princess
 We ditched the parents so they could have a night out and went to the movies!
 I LOVE rocking chairs so I was in heaven at this adorable country ice cream place.
 We ate a lot of ice cream!
 NC sunset
It was a great trip!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Greenwood Bridal Shower

When I first started teaching I was lucky enough to work at Greenwood Elementary in American Fork. Although we often call it Greenhood, it truly will always have a special place in my heart. One of the biggest reasons why I loved the school so much was because I worked with the greatest people EVER! I made incredible friends and have been lucky enough to keep them even though I've left the school. 

My best friend Lisa is getting married next month and so I got to reunite with the ladies for a bridal shower at the school! SO FUN! Yummy food, adorable decorations, and lots of laughing! It was the perfect afternoon!

Nicci (we started there together!), Karen (basically another mom!), Sue (joined the team once I left), Debbie (1st grade and crafting buddy), Lisa (the BRIDE), Megan (hilarious), and Myself!
 The 4 of us have stayed close even though we are now all at different schools! I'm lucky to have dinners and craft nights with these ladies. Such incredible friends.
We talked in the parking lot afterwards about the good old days when we all taught together and how lucky we were to have each other around every day! We had a lot of good laughs back in the day and our quick dinner nights usually turn into 3 or 4 hour long nights with waiters hating us or us closing the restaurant! 

Oh GREENHOOD how I love you!