Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just a few thoughts...

The last couple of weeks the Atonement has been on my mind. A lot of it because it's Easter and also because I taught a relief society lesson on it a couple weeks ago. is incredible. It really has some great resources for all ages. After searching around a little I found a couple I thought I would share a few favorites.

Reclaim: To recall from wrong or improper conduct. To rescue from an undesirable state.

We see ourselves in terms of yesterday and today. Our Heavenly Father sees us in terms of forever. Although we might settle for less our Heavenly Father won't. Heavenly Father sees us as the glorious beings we are capable of becoming.

 We must be FIRMLY attached to him.

I hope you get something out of these videos because I know I have. I've watched them multiple times now and they just get better and better. How lucky I feel to have the knowledge of this gospel. I feel blessed daily, even when it is hard because I know that no matter what comes my way I have a Heavenly Father who loves me and a Savior who died for me.


A long, long, long time ago I lived with Krystal Duval in Chapman Hall. It was my Sophomore year of college and she was a freshman. I was an RA and for whatever reason I asked for her to be switched into my apartment before even meeting her. I'm sure there was a good reason, but now that I think about it I have no idea why. 
Well Krystal, aka Kdawg, is from Alaska. I knew very little about Alaska and still have much to learn. I haven't made it out there to visit, but I have big plans of going there some day! 

Well Kdawg's life SHOCKS me! Her stories don't really seem real most days. Let's just say I could never live in Alaska! Visit, yes, live...NO WAY! She often sends me pictures with the local weather, which is -45 degrees. That is normal? 
One thing that should be known is that I LOVE moose. Many people know that already about me, but just in case you didn' you do. Well this becomes important because late last night Kdawg and I were discussing how she should move to Utah and teach and be my roommate. (Great idea, right?) Well I told her we need to get her out of Alaska so that she doesn't have to move to a small little town and teach. In those small towns they make you eat seal and moose. GROSS! Well she informed me that she eats moose ALL THE TIME! Yes...ALL THE TIME! 
She let me know it's actually very healthy and it's not like the moose are endangered. Guess what, if you keep killing all the boy moose there won't be any babies and they will become endangered!
One of my very best friends for over 10 years is just now telling me that she eats my favorite animal on a regular basis?? How is this possible? 

Dear Kdawg,
It's a good thing you are such an amazing friend otherwise we might not survive this tragic news.
Your extremely concerned friend

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Can't Get Enough

It's a slow Sunday afternoon and I found myself needing a little pick me up. Back in college a group of us started watching Felicity. It's one of those shows that I go to all of the time. I have watched every episode so many times and it never gets old. Claudia and I use to say, "What would Felicity do?" or "Do you remember when Ben said that to Felicity?" Things like that, which basically made it sound like they were our friends. It's been years and as silly as it sounds I still feel the same way. I watch clips, episodes, seasons and just smile because I LOVE these people. So today you will get a few clips from my favorite TV show. 

I could post 100 more videos, but these 3 are my favorites. I missing the girls and college today and couldn't help but have a little Felicity moment to myself.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Meagan and Taylor's Wedding

My old roommate Meagan got married this weekend in San Diego! Amanda and I thought it was a great excuse to get to California. I'm so glad we did! We had beautiful weather, great friends, and yummy food. I even got sun burnt (which will hopefully turn into a tan)!

I took a ton of pictures, but I wanted to remember the whole trip!

We headed out after work on Thursday! Sunsets along the way were amazing of course. This one was just outside of Hurricane, UT
 The Wixom's were kind enough to let us spend the night at their house. It was great to see them and catch up a little before heading the rest of the way to California.
 As soon as we got to Meagan's house the first thing we did was lay by the pool! It felt so nice to be warm and have sunshine on our faces!
 Wedding prep time!
 Meagan and Taylor got married in the San Diego Temple! I have seen the outside, but it was my first time inside. It was beautiful. Such a wonderful sealing!
 I couldn't get enough of the blue skies and beautiful flowers!
 The happy couple coming out of the temple!
 I lucked out that my sister and her family were in town for spring break as well. We didn't have much time, but we grabbed some lunch and hit the beach. It was so nice to get to see them and play in the water. The kids had a blast. I couldn't help but smile the whole time.
 I love being their Auntie!
 Why do I live in Utah????
 After the beach we headed back up to Meagan's house for the awesome reception! I love backyard weddings. I couldn't get enough of these beautiful flowers.
 A few snap shots of the reception.
 Cake and Dancing
It was a great weekend. I never want to leave California after a quick trip, but of course I had to come back. So lucky that we were able to make the trip and spend time with these great friends!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Idaho Adventures

I made a quick trip up to Idaho to visit this guy:
(Wes...7 years ago)

 I hate driving, but I do love a good trip to Idaho. 
I couldn't help but snap a few sunset pictures Friday evening as I got into Idaho.

We didn't really have a lot of plans, but we did have a lot of fun! I got up there late Friday night and we headed to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We decided we should go to a movie because we have NEVER been to a movie theater together....7 years and not once have we gone! We saw OZ which was pretty good. 

Saturday Wes woke up sick so it became a lounge day for us. We eventually got ready and had a fun random day. We went to the C-A-L Ranch Store to pick something up and the whole place was filled with baby animals. Chicks, ducks, bunnies, etc. It was pretty awesome. Then we grabbed some Sonic and went to visit some family. I always love going over to their house to see everyone. Wes' sister Ashley and her little boy Gavin were around so we got out the cars and legos and had a great time.

  I lucked out because Idaho had some great weather. We saw a few people out riding their motorcycles and I suggested we go for a ride. Wes was a little more hesitant because he knew how cold it would actually be and he wasn't sure if the bike would start. He knew it would make me happy though so he told me to bundle up and took me for a quick ride. It was chilly, but for sure the highlight of my day!
Beautiful Idaho. Chicks at the store. Duke vs. UNC. Motorcycle Ride
 One thing we knew we were going to do on Saturday was go to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Duke game and the Supercross race. They were both on at the same time on the big screen so it worked out perfectly. Plus DUKE WON!!!
We had a lazy Sunday morning and then headed off to a singles ward in Idaho Falls. Afterwards we had dinner out at Wes' Dad's house. Always fun to visit with his family and eat really yummy food. 
It's never fun to have to leave, but the time finally came... I dread that 3+ hour trip back to Utah every time! Luckily for me it went by pretty quick.
 Sunday Drive back to Utah

So glad I got to go up to Idaho for a quick trip.
 It's always a good time and can't wait for the next adventure!