Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bobby's Birthday Bash

I love to throw parties and I love a good joke! I decided why not combine the two. My friend Bobby was turning 31 and he is always up for a good laugh. We had joked about putting his picture on the mantel after we made a Mother's Day plate for his mom. A baby picture has been on the mantel for about two weeks. I then came up with a brilliant idea, BOBBY EVERYWHERE! He was nice enough to let me have access to a few photos and then I went to town. Little did he know what he was in for:

The Front Door:
 The mantel: (sorry about the awful picture!) 
There are hanging pictures, pictures in vases, and all over the front of the mantel.
 The Hallway:
 The Big 31!

Everyone had a good laugh and loved all the pictures of Bobby! I noticed a few went missing... Not sure how long we will keep up our Bobby pictures, but for now they add a little bit of color to our living room!

Happy 31st Birthday Bobby! 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Friends + Nature = Great Vacation...Photo Shoot

Across the street from where we stayed there was an old phone booth. The America's Next Top Model came out in Amanda and I...these are the results:

Amanda was the clear winner...maybe next season!

Good Friends + Nature = Great Vacation...Day 2 Yellowstone

We were lucky enough to get to head to Yellowstone for a couple of hours. Even luckier that it stopped snowing/raining long enough for us to get to see a few things! I love this place. It is truly an amazing place that we are fortunate to be able to experience.
We Love Bison!
 I'm pretty sure I could have just sat in this location all day. It was so peaceful and beautiful.
 Ashlee, Rachel, and Amanda 
 Amanda and I loving those Bison!
 Katie and Daeson practicing their mad jumping skills once again!
 We think these might be moose...or maybe elk...or maybe antelope. In my heart they were moose though!
 Another scenic view!
 Amanda elk bugling for us! She is pretty impressive with her skills.
 Just a quick snap shot of our fellow friends!
 Rachel and Kimmie anxiously waiting for it to go off!
 Gushers at a Geyser! AWESOME!
 There she blows!
Amanda trying to stay warm and enjoy the view.
yeah for Old Faithful
Such an incredible place...
 These are Ashlee Flowers! 
Daeson created a metaphor around 1 am the night before about me. Long story short...apparently I'm a lone flower, but beautiful. (we were all a little sleepy and the metaphor made no sense at all! Now I have a flower named after me!

 Some like it hot!
 On our way out it stopped snowing and we got to see these guys up close!


Such a great adventure! The whole trip was awesome! Loved laughing like crazy and spending so much time with great friends. Such a blessing to get to escape for a few days and enjoy everything around me! Can't wait for the next vacation!

Good Friends + Nature = Great Vacation...Dam Jumping

Sometimes late at night we have great ideas...sometimes we don't. This one was great! We had just finished playing games and were sitting around with lots of energy. I thought why not go see the Teton Dam. Everyone agreed even though it was raining and dark. Rachel assured us there HAD to be lights on the Dam! Well a few wrong turns, a U turn and lots of rain we finally made it to the VERY DARK location of the dam. We all got out, peered through the fencing and miles away you could see something that could have been a dam. We still don't know, but we did hear water! So what do you do when its raining, freezing and there is a dam somewhere behind you...DAM JUMPING! 

Some of the gang...can you see the well lit dam? yeah its not might not even be there. We still don't know!
 Then Rachel had the best idea EVER! JUMPING PICTURES!!! Well the problem being that sometimes the camera is slow, sometimes we don't jump well, and sometimes a combination! Rachel just started yelling JUMP, JUMP, JUMP and we just kept jumping up and down over and over! 
 I'm super impressed with the height Katie got on this! I also love that her leg is back and Daeson's leg looks like a replacement for it! 
 In case you were wondering...I'm wearing my Duke sweatpants tucked into my brown boots..classy!


This people is what we call DAM JUMPING!

Good Friends + Nature = Great Vacation...Day 1 Jackson Hole

A group of friends got together to head up to Driggs, Idaho for a little vacation! Thanks to Rachel we had a great house to stay in with plenty of room for all. The weather wasn't ideal, but we didn't let that get us down. We made it an adventure none the less. 

 Daeson was super excited to get back in the car and head to Jackson!
 The antlers!
 Our first moose sighting!
 Hoback Junction...
 The whole gang! It was so fun to be up there with everyone!
 Katie Lee has her own Tees store!!! Daeson decided to be a cowboy!

 Kimmie and I at one of the lookouts with Jackson in the background.

 Our car stopped to take a look around on our way back from Jackson Hole. There were some great campgrounds right next to the river.
 Daeson being a mountain man!
 We have a lot of pictures like this... sadly this was our best one!
 Trying to cross the river. Just a little slippery!
 I had my wellies so I tried to actually cross the river!
 I did make it across, but my wellies filled with water and my pants/socks were soaked!
 Oh Daeson!
 I really just wanted to walk through the Birch trees! Found them!!

Such a great day in Jackson. The evening consisted of AMAZING games back at the house. Love letters written between the groups, pictures drawn, food eaten, and lots of laughing!