Monday, May 7, 2012

Sunday Stroll turned Icy Climb

The weather was really nice this weekend so I got this amazing idea to go up Big Cottonwood Canyon and walk around Silver Lake. I take my students up there at the beginning of the year for a field trip. I love this place. What I didn't realize was that in May there is still snow up there...oops!

The walk around the lake isn't difficult. I just put on some old flats and thought it would be easy to take my shoes off and dip them in the water. FAIL! 
 The whole walk turned CLIMB wasn't like this, but Katie was a trooper and made it through the "icebergs"!
 View of Silver Lake...yes that is the lake featured in the bottom of the picture. I realize it looks like a snow covered meadow, but really its solid ice!
 We finally made it to the fishing dock that sits on the lake. Katie sang us a few tunes and then we headed back to the car. 
 I lasted most of the time without my fleece, but though I should probably wear it as my toes had lost feeling and I didn't want to catch a cold in May!
 Aubrey catching some rays.

On the way home we spotted this little guy! I LOVE moose! They are my favorite animal! I was so excited to jump out of the car and snap a few pictures!
Although this stroll around the lake turned out much differently than planned (we were going to sit with our feet in the water and read) it was still an adventure! So glad we made it happen! Can't wait for the next Sunday outing!!!

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