Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh Brother!

 The above picture is just to prove to you that my brother loves to joke with me! He had put that sign on the door to welcome me home from Utah one summer. 

I was woken up from a much needed nap this afternoon by Kyle. He was super excited and said I just won tickets to have dinner with Jon Scheyer! I FREAKED OUT! He continued to ask if I wanted to come...aka FLY TO NORTH CAROLINA! I of course said yes, but when. It would be not this Saturday, but the next. How was I going to make this work. I kept asking questions and he had an answer for everything. I started looking at my schedule and right as I asked well what time on Sunday would the dinner be at he broke the news that it was a JOKE! He lied! He didn't win tickets to have dinner with Jon Scheyer. I was a little crushed inside because I have a slight crush on Jon and would love to have dinner/marry him! (See picture below...who wouldn't love him?) Once my heart stopped racing and I realized that I wasn't going to get to meet him I did have a good laugh with Kyle. He quickly said well now I know how to get you to come to North Carolina! 
I sure do love my little brother!

Dear Jon Scheyer, 
If you do want to have dinner or just get married, feel free to give me a call!!


  1. OH MY GOSH. I just had a heart attack. I almost called you to ask if he could get another ticket for me. Dang brothers.

  2. Don't worry Amanda that question was next on my list! I thought of you right away!

  3. Welcome to America! Ha awesome.