Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Friends + Nature = Great Vacation...Day 1 Jackson Hole

A group of friends got together to head up to Driggs, Idaho for a little vacation! Thanks to Rachel we had a great house to stay in with plenty of room for all. The weather wasn't ideal, but we didn't let that get us down. We made it an adventure none the less. 

 Daeson was super excited to get back in the car and head to Jackson!
 The antlers!
 Our first moose sighting!
 Hoback Junction...
 The whole gang! It was so fun to be up there with everyone!
 Katie Lee has her own Tees store!!! Daeson decided to be a cowboy!

 Kimmie and I at one of the lookouts with Jackson in the background.

 Our car stopped to take a look around on our way back from Jackson Hole. There were some great campgrounds right next to the river.
 Daeson being a mountain man!
 We have a lot of pictures like this... sadly this was our best one!
 Trying to cross the river. Just a little slippery!
 I had my wellies so I tried to actually cross the river!
 I did make it across, but my wellies filled with water and my pants/socks were soaked!
 Oh Daeson!
 I really just wanted to walk through the Birch trees! Found them!!

Such a great day in Jackson. The evening consisted of AMAZING games back at the house. Love letters written between the groups, pictures drawn, food eaten, and lots of laughing! 

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