Saturday, May 5, 2012

Perks of the Job

Let's face it...I don't teach because of the money! I love my job and I love the little added bonuses that come along with it.  Since I teach 2nd grade I get them when they are 7 turning 8. Now in Utah that means A LOT of baptisms. Some years I'm closer to kids/families and I get a few more invites. This year I was so excited to get to spend a Saturday with the 3 boys below. Rhett and Kyson got baptized in the morning followed by a WONDERFUL party at the Painter house. (I LOVE them). After lots of food and lots of laughing I headed back to the church to see Will get baptized. 

Rhett and Kyson being "cool" during our measurement unit

Will working on an art project.

As I sat through the baptisms I thought about how lucky I am to know these boys and their families. I spend a lot of time with my students. One girl pointed out that she spends more time with me than her Mom simply based on the fact that school is all day long. I try to be a good example for these awesome kids, but I think in the end they teach me more about love, sharing, patience, and happiness than I teach them about Math, Science, and Reading. 
I'm lucky to be a teacher!

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  1. I bet you're the awesome teacher that all the parents hope their kids get!