Monday, May 28, 2012

Good Friends + Nature = Great Vacation...Day 2 Yellowstone

We were lucky enough to get to head to Yellowstone for a couple of hours. Even luckier that it stopped snowing/raining long enough for us to get to see a few things! I love this place. It is truly an amazing place that we are fortunate to be able to experience.
We Love Bison!
 I'm pretty sure I could have just sat in this location all day. It was so peaceful and beautiful.
 Ashlee, Rachel, and Amanda 
 Amanda and I loving those Bison!
 Katie and Daeson practicing their mad jumping skills once again!
 We think these might be moose...or maybe elk...or maybe antelope. In my heart they were moose though!
 Another scenic view!
 Amanda elk bugling for us! She is pretty impressive with her skills.
 Just a quick snap shot of our fellow friends!
 Rachel and Kimmie anxiously waiting for it to go off!
 Gushers at a Geyser! AWESOME!
 There she blows!
Amanda trying to stay warm and enjoy the view.
yeah for Old Faithful
Such an incredible place...
 These are Ashlee Flowers! 
Daeson created a metaphor around 1 am the night before about me. Long story short...apparently I'm a lone flower, but beautiful. (we were all a little sleepy and the metaphor made no sense at all! Now I have a flower named after me!

 Some like it hot!
 On our way out it stopped snowing and we got to see these guys up close!


Such a great adventure! The whole trip was awesome! Loved laughing like crazy and spending so much time with great friends. Such a blessing to get to escape for a few days and enjoy everything around me! Can't wait for the next vacation!

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