Friday, May 11, 2012

I Feel Appreciated!

2nd Graders are pretty adorable! I love them all year long, but come Teacher Appreciation Week they sure do make me smile. The PTA sends out this long list of all of our favorite things so that the kids will spoil us. Right down to on Thursday they wore yellow because it's my favorite color! 

This is Day Two of goodies! Luckily the kids were kind enough and let me share my treats with them.
 This adorable plant was given to me today!
 Flowers and cards! 
Such sweet notes from students and parents.

And of course a note from Will... 
Dear Miss Hoppes,
You are a great teacher.
I love you!
(The front had a picture of the Titanic on it)

More than feeling appreciated I feel loved. I feel loved by these kids every single day! I get 20 smiling faces and 20 hugs (at least) every day! I even had a 6th grade teacher stop me the other day to tell me that she doesn't know what I'm doing, but apparently her class asks if they can have me for a teacher every day (I don't think she was happy about that)! I'm lucky to have the job I have and to be surrounded by amazing people daily!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my teacher friends out there!

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