Thursday, May 3, 2012

California Lovin'

Camden surprised me at the airport! He ducked down in the car and I was so out of it that I didn't even see him until I opened the door and he yelled SURPRISE and started giggling. 
 First things Parker!
 The whole hang with Auntie Ashlee!

Bright and early the next morning I was over there on snuggle duty!
One night Grandpa had a star gazing event at his school. Camden was my date! It was a blast. We saw Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and a few cool stars. 
Of course ever date night needs a dip top cone!

 This picture basically sums up Camden and I...LOVE this kid!
 Camden loves snuggling with Parker and let's face it Parker loves it too. Cami and I thought this was such a sweet picture of the two of them. 
 We played a lot of baseball in the back yard...we even hit the ball over the crazy lady's fence (I made Camden go get it!)
 The kids all got new beds with the arrival of Parker. Camden helped out with the cleaning of course. 
 I told Camden to get into ready position. Apparently this is ready position. The coach told him not to put his hands on his knees. This was the alternative position. 

 Such a stud!
 I think we were all a little worried about Haddley loving Parker. She is attached to Mommy and Grandma and doesn't really like to share (never has). This picture gave me hopes along with her smile and high pitched "Ashlee! Parker is here!" every time I came over.
 Haddley in the last couple of months has become a gamer! She LOVES games. I would walk in the door and I would hear "Ashlee which game?"
 She also decided that the pouty face was pretty funny...I have to admit, it really is very funny!
 I love seeing Parker look at Camden. Just shows me what a big job Camden has ahead of him as the Big Brother!
 All 3 babies!
 I snapped this one really quick while we were snuggling one night. 

 Petaluma Sunset

Obviously it was a WONDERFUL trip home. I'm so glad Baby P is Baby Parker. He has yet to be given a good nickname yet by me, but I'm sure I will figure one out for him soon. Can't wait until June when I get to go back!

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