Monday, December 10, 2012

Date Night

Our ward was having a Christmas Date Night on Saturday! Decorating cookies and wearing ugly sweaters sounded like a great way to spend my Saturday night. Dustin and I went together and we doubled with his brother Josh and my friend Ashlee. Yes she is awesome and spells her name with two ee's also! We hit up Red Robin and then made our icy way over to the institute building. We were excited to decorate cookies and then they added a would have to have one arm tied to your date. That made things pretty interesting. To make things a little more interesting our group decided to start a frosting fight with each other, which then turned into frosting on others, etc. It got a little crazy. We did get the Bishop though who then smashed Dustin's cookie into another guy's face. There were many other incidents like all of us in the boy's bathroom trying to get clean, running out of the girl's bathroom because the guys realized someone was in there, spinning donuts in the parking lot, and Duck Dynasty. It was a successful date night for sure!
The Ashlees rocking our Christmas sweaters!
 It's hard to see all the frosting here, but it was everywhere, including my hair!
 We didn't win the cookie contest. Dustin's cookie was decorated as a smiley face, but this was the replacement one after it got smashed in someone's face.

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