Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baking with the Greenwood Ladies

Every Christmas the Greenwood ladies (Lisa, Debbie, Nicci, and I) get together. Normally it's Cheesecake Factory for about 2/3 hours and then a little gift for each other. Our schedules were all a little crazy this year and we decided that we should have a baking night instead. For our presents we each brought recipes printed out to share. We are hoping that each Christmas we can add to our recipes and end up with some really great stuff!

Baking night was a blast and VERY interesting! The conversations were about marriage, guns, works, dating, coworkers, and of course baking. Meanwhile we were making a mess! Nicci and Lisa were laminating our recipes. Debbie was trying out the new shortbread recipes I gave her and I was making some peanut butter, rice krispie, chocolate treats. I also decided instead of making frosting for Nicci's sugar cookies like she asked I would make a double batch of sugar cookies! I was in a zone and not paying attention and read the wrong recipe. Flour ended up on the floor, the dog was in Heaven, and we had a lot of laughs all night.

We all had a ton of fun of course! Here are just a few photos of our fabulous night!
Love my Greenwood girls!

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