Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today is one of those moments in time where it won't ever happen again. Never will a date repeat itself like today. Since that is the case I figured I better blog about my day. Sorry it really is nothing exciting, but here I go:

I will never get tired of seeing a mountain sunrise on the way to work.

I had my last meeting with Dr. Brady (my knee surgeon) today! He said everything is healing up nicely and to just finish up physical therapy as planned and I'm good to go!

I shopped at the Scholastic warehouse sale today. Found it funny that I could buy books and guns in the same parking lot. I chose books today!
I went to Red Robin to have a mini bachelorette party for Shanelle! This is an old picture of us, but it's the only one and we are wearing camo!
After some Christmas shopping and chatting with Ashley about life I headed to bed to relax and read with a warm cup of cider!

12-12-12 you have been good to me!

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