Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cruising With Allison

Allison and I finally were able to get away from reality for a little bit and took a quick cruise down to Ensenada, Mexico! We had a great time even though it was overcast most of the time. We still ate a lot of ice cream and drank even more hot chocolate!

We drove down to Long Beach on Thursday night and crashed at a hotel. We got up the next morning have a lot of time to kill. We had breakfast, drove through a shady part of town, and hit up the beach. Breakfast was pretty hilarious as you can see the man at IHOP watching his Ipad plugged into the ceiling on LOUD! Like really loud. I just kept laughing and sitting there in shock not believing it. He also decided to suck the jam out of those little packets in a wonderful slurping sound. Our beach time was our only beach time of the whole trip and ended up being the sunniest we had it too.

 A market place in Mexico..totally for the tourist, but still fun!
 The blowhole which is the main attraction at the market place.
 We did a quick horseback ride on some horses. Mine was old, stubborn and very cranky. He tried to bite anyone that got close and did his own thing most of the time.
 Yes, our tour guide was Jesus...
I slept in a bunk bed.
Old men playing dominos. 
A gun of Tequila.
Our ship.
Me and my bedtime ice cream.
 Oh and we held a lion cub...why not???
It was nice to escape and even though I didn't get a tan, I still am glad we went!

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