Saturday, April 20, 2013

Memory Lane...The College Years

College = the best 4 years of my life!
Don't get me wrong there were struggles along the way, but such a great time of my life. I really do look back on the whole experience and just laugh at all of the many adventures I had. As I pulled down box after box and remembered everything I just felt so blessed to have had the experiences that I did. 

Freshman Year: Chapman Hall

We took a dorm picture at the beginning of every year. I am in the middle about 7 rows from the bottom. Blue shirt, tan jacket.
Dorm Dance- everything about this picture makes me happy!
Collin and I
I even found my old box of letters from all my guy friends freshman year!
 Classic first letter home with the name tag rubbing!
I made so many great friends that year! Still have a ton of them in my life too!

Sophomore Year:
Graham, Bean, Dugan, Craig and I
Kdawg, Ash, and I...who knows what???

Dorm picture cropped... Love these girls!
Alex...funniest boyfriend I've ever had!
 Best Valentine's Day Card I have ever received!
I wish I could post every picture and tell every story from this year. It was incredible. I'm pretty sure I laughed more that year than any other.

Junior Year:
I opened up my Junior year journal and this was the first thing I saw. Pretty much sums up how much fun we had that year! 
Yup...Amanda and I dressed up again...
 Margarita Night with my girls!
 Tried to go as dark as Claudia...if only my skin would!
Taylor and Bitsy (our illegal pet cat) She LOVED Taylor and hated me
 Missing a few people, but our little gang! 
Amanda, Danny, Me, Claudia, Mitch, Alsop
Junior year taught me a lot about life. It also taught me to not take myself too seriously sometimes...hence the dress up pictures. I probably danced more my Junior Year than any other year.

Senior Year:
 Making tin foil dinners..prep work for our camping trip!
 Spent the night running around campus doing things we probably shouldn't have been doing (yes, this is the Rick's building and no you aren't suppose to climb the wall of windows)
 Lots of laughing!
 Camping every weekend!
 The Moab trip we almost didn't survive...
Just hanging in a Cello box
 New Year's Eve in Redding (Amanda has a great story about this night...)
 Last bonfire before graduation!
Ward retreat at the cabin with Amanda, Marci, Co, and I
Senior year was all about friends, music, camping, teaching, and just loving life!

I look back at all of these pictures and I can't help, but miss everyone in these pictures and so many more people. I made the greatest friends and had the best time in college...oh and I got an education on top of that!!! Idaho is home to me. Even now when I go back and see all the changes, I still smile at all my memories of BYUI! 


  1. My best memories:
    10. April Fool's Pranks with Becky-Lou yelling at us and breaking into the office to delete her voice mail.
    9. Extravadance- Blackbird
    8. Sunset Wall
    7. Trying to clean the sunset wall
    6. "Come feel my aura Sister Erickson!"
    5. "I liked Bailey, the baby." "Uh, she was like 8!" "But she was so self-contained."
    4. Screaming Infedelllllll-ities!
    2. Dance Party USA...Every night!
    1. Muumuus!

  2. Loved looking at all your pics! Sure glad I got to know you. I think you're wonderful :)

  3. Love it!! College was sure some of the best 4yrs! Remember the "contract" hahaha!!

    1. Oh the contract.... ha ha! The things we do for "love"!

  4. I was getting worried I wasn't going to make the cut on your memory pics. I think our Crossroads volleyball team should have honorable mention. I'm so lucky I was able to meet you girls. I never thought I would end up in Idaho, but I will never forget the friends and memories I made there.