Saturday, April 20, 2013

Memory Lane...The Younger Years

While home I thought it would be fun to go through my box of pictures my parents have of me. I couldn't help but laugh at ALL of them because I did some of the silliest things, dressed in AMAZING clothes, and just looked so young. It was fun to go down memory lane. I later pulled out some old boxes and found some from high school too, which was really fun to remember.

I love the smirk on my grandpa's face in the top picture. He was trying to teach us to do cartwheels. Major fail because I still can't do a cartwheel. The bottom two are with Grandma and Grandpa Mutin!
 I loved riding horses growing up...and I still do!
 My dad and I (this is framed in my room), Auntie Lynne and I, Me apparently excited to rock that cat sweater, gymnastics most likely in preschool.
 These 3 were my favorites. You can't see it, but the picture is really suppose to be of Cami opening a present. Of course being the adorable child that I am made a face in every picture!
 High School:
Rickard, Carrie and I probably up to no good! 
Project Graduation
 Senior year- Devin, Carrie, Me, Shum
Devin and I- best friends
Carrie and I
Baywatch Babes
Hiding under a blanket at the beach
Peace out Ptown (pretty sure our last trip to the beach before we left for college)
Birthday picture of us turning 18!!

There were so many fun pictures. I spent these two days just smiling remembering all of these great memories. So glad I have them documented so I can go back through them years later!

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