Wednesday, April 24, 2013

California Fun

I've posted a lot about California, but here are the last pictures from my latest adventure there. I love being able to go home and spend time with my family. Clearly most of my time there is spent with my sister's kids. We have a good time!

Haddley called me one afternoon and asked if I could come swimming. OF COURSE that was a yes! We had a great time playing at the pool, but boy do they wear me out!

 Camden is becoming a great leader reader! (Haddley is too!)
 I love all the green and yellow fields this time of year!
 Grandma spoiling Parker
 Went for a run one morning! 
So nice to have this as a view and for it to be warm enough to run outside!
 Cami had me watch the kids one day and I picked Haddley up from school. There are ducks/geese everywhere. We couldn't resist a quick photo with them.
 In the middle of my California trip I went on the cruise. I wasn't able to see Camden before I was going to leave, so I decided to surprise him at school. Cami told his teacher I would be coming to take him to lunch. She packed him a snack in his lunch box, but nothing else. When I got there his teacher said Camden look whose here! He came right over with his lunch box and a sad face. I asked what was wrong and he said, "but mom didn't even make me a sandwich!" I thought he was going to cry. I quickly told him it was because I was there to take him OUT to lunch. We hit up McDonald's and had a great time hanging out. Of course we had to get ice cream too! It was fun to just have a little time with my sweet boy.

As always I had a great time visiting. It's been nice that I can go home so often. I can't wait until (hopefully) Kyle moves close by and I will have all my kiddos close by to spoil!

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