Thursday, April 25, 2013

So I bought a....HOUSE!

I woke up about a month and a half ago and decided I was going to buy a house. That same day I got in contact with the greatest realtor (Matt Scott) and we started the process. It all has happened pretty quick, but I have found a house that I love and am really excited! It is a Fieldstone home being built in Herriman, Utah. Yup...I'm going to own a house in Utah. I NEVER thought that would happen...ever! The great part about this is that I have been able to pick out the things that I want in the house and make sure it is all stuff that I really like. I can't wait to finally have a space to decorate all my own and not have to move every year. 

The process has been a bit overwhelming, but I have lucked out with the help that I have received. Realtor, banks, loan guys, parents, etc. have all been so good to me! I would be 100% lost without everyone's help. 

Here is a sneak peak!

This is the model home (garage will be normal). These are the colors and the exact look of what my house will be like on the outside. Above is basically the materials/colors for the kitchen.
Outside of my house!
 Flooring, counter tops, cabinets, bathroom
I chose stainless steal gas appliances!
 My mom and I have started getting ideas for some curtains/pillows. I really want blues in my downstairs kitchen, dining room, and living room. I might do a fun roman shade in the middle chevron fabric and then do curtains in the living room with one of the others? That is all very up in the air. It is fun to start brainstorming though!

This is a big scary grown up step, but it is happening!


  1. I adore your new home!!! I think it's wonderful that you bought a house. Good for you!! When I'm in Utah again, I must come visit. Love, love, love

    1. Thanks Whit! You are always welcome!!!!