Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

So I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. Most people think it's just me being a single girl with no one to love, but really I just don't enjoy the holiday. I want someone to love me EVERY DAY, not just on Valentine's Day. I'm more the surprise me with flowers on a random Wednesday kind of a girl. 

With that said I do celebrate the holiday a little bit... I'm forced to as a teacher. Lots of love from the kids this year. It's a crazy day with very little actual learning going on. Thank goodness my kids were pretty good all day and we were able to have some fun. 
Yes, I did let my students draw on my feet. Yes, I did give Brynlee, Sadie, and I matching heart tattoos! 

Amanda, Aubrey, and I made homemade pizzas! I got a food processor for Christmas from my parents and was excited to use it. I found a recipe for an easy crust and we made it happen.
Amanda chose the movie "Pizza My Heart" on Netflix for us to watch, which was SUPER cheesy, but went with the theme of the night. We watched "The Romantics" afterwards too. 
I called it a night after that and with the help of a sleeping pill got to go to bed early!

Best Parts of the Day:
 Olivia bearing her soul to Teagan in front of the whole class (see note above)
Morning Happy Valentine's Day Text
Phone Calls from my little Valentines!
An early Valentine's Day present from my mom (A beautiful ring)

Maybe one of these years I'll enjoy the holiday a little more, but for now I'll just be the girl that doesn't really care for February 14th!

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