Monday, February 4, 2013

California Road Trip

Wes and I have been saying we need to go on a road trip for awhile! Basically I just wanted an excuse to get out of the cold! I got a text a week ago that said Anaheim? I knew exactly what he was thinking...Road trip to watch Supercross. Now I'm not a big Supercross watcher, but being friends with Wes has taught me a lot about the sport and I figured why not? My only rule... We had to go to the BEACH! 
Friday night Wes finally made it to Utah and the road trip began! We were going to try and do Utah to Anaheim in one night and just go straight through, but around 3 am when we stopped for gas and a bathroom break we decided we better just spend the night. It was a smart choice! We would have gotten to California and had nothing to do and been exhausted! 
We got on the road early the next morning and continued on our way! I swear it felt like it was taking forever to get through the ugly parts of the trip. I just wanted my beautiful California! 

We headed straight for the beach! We didn't have a lot of time, but made our first California stop at Newport Beach! I was giddy! Seriously, so giddy. I love the beach, the warmth, the smell, the people...everything! I was in HEAVEN!

We couldn't stay long, but I soaked up the sun, dipped my feet in the water and loved every minute of my beach time!

Next stop Anaheim!
We checked in at our hotel and got ready really quick. We were staying just a few minutes from Angels Stadium where the race was being held. We parked, walked to a good little Mexican restaurant and then headed over to the stadium. Now growing up in a family who loves baseball it was a little odd to walk into the baseball stadium and see the beautiful green field and crisp white lines covered with DIRT! Dirt EVERYWHERE! It was a little shocking. I've seen the races on tv before, but I couldn't get over how weird it was that they turned a baseball field into a dirt race track. I was very out of my element, but having a blast. Wes was in heaven! He is so good about answering all my questions and pointing out different guys so that I know what is going on. I've learned a lot about Supercross in the last couple of days.

By the end of the night and the final race I was pretty excited. It's 20 laps (which takes about 20 minutes)! I know about 5 guys names and was hoping someone I knew would do well. Luckily Vilopoto who we hate LOST and Dungey and Millsaps took the 1 and 2 spots! It was such a fun night and totally worth the trip! I'm even more excited for the one in SLC in April now! 

We drove around Anaheim for a little bit to "see" Disneyland, which you can't really do, get gas, and hopefully find Wes food. I was so tired and just wanted to sleep. We finally made it back to the hotel and of course I couldn't sleep! BOO! 

Sunday Morning came way too early! I wasn't ready to leave my sunny California! After a quick bite at Dennys we got back on the road. We had a blast listening to some of our old favorites and enjoying some radio hits. Let's just say I now know Taylor Swift's I knew you were Trouble, Trouble, Trouble song VERY well now! 
(Top left: My feet and Nevada. Top Right: In-n-Out in St. George...Wes had to make a couple U turns
Bottom Left: Utah...snow Bottom Right: Sunny Blue California Sky through the Sun Roof!) 

It was hard to leave the warmth and slowly see the temperature drop along the way. My feet started to get really cold as we got closer and closer to Utah.

It really was a quick, but great trip to California! Next time we hope to make it to Disneyland and a little longer on the beach. I was very grateful Wes drove the WHOLE way! Yes, I didn't drive Rogue all weekend long and I loved it! Poor guy did have to drop me off and still drive 3 more hours back up to Idaho! 

California Road Trip 2013!!!


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    1. It was pretty good for a quick place we randomly stopped at. Plus it was CHEAP!