Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

I've been feeling pretty sick the last couple of days. 100% drained. Showering takes just about all of my energy. With that said, my life has not slowed down! I still have had work, play dates, errands, etc. Last night was exactly what I needed though. Megan decided the girls needed to get together and watch the bachelor and catch up! I couldn't have agreed more! I was feeling pretty sick yesterday and almost thought about cancelling, but thought that I really needed to see these ladies. Thank goodness I did because not only do I love them, loved the treats, but it was a GREAT bachelor last night! One that you need to watch with your girls!

It was a Jones kind of a night!
 Everyone brought a treat! We had Sweet Tooth Fairy cookies, oranges, bananas, jello with whipped cream, caramel chocolate greatness, and caramel snacks. We ate...a lot!
I wish we would have had cameras up to see everyone's faces as we sat watching! We were a mess last night. So many shocking, crazy, intense moments. Next week will be AMAZING! 

Thanks Ladies for a wonderful night!

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