Friday, February 15, 2013

Big Sister

My awesome sister turned 32 today! Kind of crazy to say that because what I'm realizing is that as she gets older, I get older also! NOT COOL! 

This is what you need to know about Cami:
She is a genius! Seriously! 
She LOVES Duke!
She is a Labor and Delivery Nurse.
We played 2 years of high school volleyball together!
She use to drive my crazy friends and I around in high school.
She has a sweet tooth!
She loved bossing me around as a kid!
She always includes me in fun activities with her family. 
She still likes to have sleep overs when I visit.
She loves me even though I call her to talk to her kids most days!
She is a great mom!
She can cook a mean batch of chili!
We spent years together making funnel cakes!
People use to think we were twins and that I was older!
She doesn't let the small stuff get to her.
On a bad day she is always willing to listen!
My favorite thing about her...She gave me those 3 kids!!!
Hope she likes her present! 
She has to work tonight, but I just talked to her and the kids baked her a cake to share with her work friends! 

Thanks Cami for being so awesome! 

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  1. Sisters are the best. Happy birthday to her. :)