Saturday, February 16, 2013

Memory Lane

Yesterday I had one of those, "I wonder what I was doing around this time last year" thoughts. I pulled out my old journal and flipped through to find that I had become a very poor journal keeper the last couple of years. I use to be really good and had a journal for every year. My college ones are pretty great! I randomly started flipping through this journal that has basically been the last 7 years of my life. I started with page one and worked my way through. I'll be honest I laughed a lot as I read it, teared up a few times, and was completely lost through a lot of it. I think the one thing that I realized while reading it though is that my poor children should never have to read this! I might just lock it up and keep it just for myself. Need for them to know everything! 
As I read I took a few pictures of some random pages...
 (Red journal, The big trip was my first vacation with just friends. Collette, Claudia and I went to the East Coast and I fell in love with it. The list of names are people who I felt were important to me. I use to write down whatever was on my mind not so much in poem or lyric form, but just randomly put together. So the blue writing must have been a rough time for me. The last one is from an entry about a great weekend I had with a friend.)

I'm really bad about documenting trips and important events in my life in my journal. I actually found the page where I wrote about Camden being born and I stopped mid sentence. Ha Ha! Distracted journal keeper!
(Delaware sign was from our big trip. On the train we would make a sign and take a picture as we went through that state to document we had been there. Movie ticket from a date. Plane ticket from Cancun with Lisa for my 24th birthday Greece memories with Lisa. Jayden being born and my pass to visit. General Conference ticket. Playlist ideas for a friend's birthday cd from 2006.)

I need to be better about keeping a journal. I have loved spending the last two days going through page by page and remembering so many experiences, people, trials, failures, events, joys, etc. Hopefully I can make it a bigger priority!

Go Read Your Journal! Promise you it WILL be worth it! 


  1. I've been meaning to read my journal that I kept during college. I'm sure I'll have lots of laughs reading it. Oh the east coast, how I miss thee! Remember that time we got soaked walking back to Co' s place :)

    1. Next time I'm home I'm going to read my college ones! This one was from when we first moved to Crestwood! So funny! I do remember getting soaked in Boston! So many fun memories from that trip!