Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Real Life

Sometimes when I'm off track my life doesn't really look like normal life! I tend to leave Utah and go off the grid. Well I'm back! Life is getting back to a more normal schedule and it's nice to be surrounded by great friends again.

Kid Dinner: We eat all those favorite kid foods that are straight sugar and fat! This dinner included mac and cheese with hot dogs, chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, teddy grams and frosting, and Hi-C! There was something in that Hi-C because we were all a little wired after a few...or 5!

I took down the Christmas decorations and decided to go straight to Valentine's Day! 
 Ed Sheeran and I are great friends at the moment. Lyrics from my favorite song of his! (written on the mirror for V-Day)
 The biggest/best news...I GRADUATED FROM PT!!! They were going to move me from 2 days a week to 1 and I said I think I'm ready. They gave me a test, which really wasn't hard, but after 2 hours of working out on my knee it was a little more tricky. I had to do box jumps where I stand on one leg and jump on top of a box 20 times in a row while they time me. I do this on each leg. Then I had to do a dot maze on both legs and lastly a 5 dot jumping thing. They time me to see if my left and right leg match up. I was very pleased to see that my RIGHT (bad knee) was stronger and quicker than my left in two out of the three!!! I PASSED! I got this wonderful T-shirt too! I'm so grateful to RPT. I really enjoyed working with everyone there and will miss them, but I'm going to try and stay away from them FOREVER!
 My friend, Charlotte, is obsessed with Buffalo Wild Wings! She has been inviting me to come at least once a week since they have opened and I never can go. Well I finally put it on my calendar and it didn't disappoint!
 Jon and I...first timers!
Quick trip to the Chiropractor and a good look at the mountains. We have the worst inversion right now so it's freezing and smoggy and no mountains in sight. Thank goodness for a semi clear day!
 January 22, 2013...the day I have been dreading! BACK TO WORK! I love my job, but who doesn't love getting paid to vacation??? It's time for me to be a teacher again to 22 crazy kids!
REALITY CHECK...I'm a grown up!

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  1. Loving the v-day decor! And congrats to you. :)