Tuesday, January 15, 2013


After being gone in sunny California for almost 3 weeks I headed back to Utah. That latest a day and then I took a little road trip up to the other place I call HOME...IDAHO!!! There was a storm that rolled in the day before and I didn't think the trip was going to happen. After checking the cameras along the drive in the morning I made the trip. Thankfully the roads weren't as bad as the news made them sound. I took my time and just enjoyed the drive. I made a few pit stops along the way and ended up in Rexburg! I had a wonderful weekend seeing some of my favorite people, checking out BYUI, going gun shopping, and trying not to FREEZE! Negative degrees constantly! 

It has been awhile since I've been on campus. There are so many changes! It is not my small little BYUI that I know and love anymore. I took pictures, giggling most of the time and texting my friends. It was a true memory lane! It was so cold otherwise I would have taken more pictures!
 The old gym! Spent a lot of time hanging out in there! Guitars Unplugged, basketball freshman year, dances, pretending to study while watching people play, etc. Red Rocks..still ruining pants! Kirkam Auditorium..watching devotional, concerts, climbing the rafters. Courts...watched/played intramurals a lot! Cubical...oh the library! I was shocked how quiet it was. The 3rd floor no longer is for socializing apparently??? I found I did a lot of giggling in here thinking about the silly things we use to do instead of studying! Chapman Hall...I lived here for 2 years! Now it's men's housing? I don't feel good about this!

I stopped by the Idaho Falls Temple to admire it's beauty. Along the drive home I took a few pictures of the fields. There are a lot in Idaho, and they look beautiful in the snow at sunrise (it was -9 at that point)
Highlights of the trip: Amazing chili! Reed's Dairy Ice Cream! Gun Shopping! Campus tour! Seeing great friends!

Who knows when I'll get back, but I hope sooner than later! Who knew I would live in Idaho for 4 years and love it so much 8 years later!

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  1. I was just there for the first time and actually like it much more than I'd thought I would. I thought it was beautiful! And the temple.. Gorgeous.