Tuesday, January 15, 2013

California Adventures

There were a few BIG things that I did while I was home. You'll laugh when you see what I consider big! Ha Ha! But they were more out of the ordinary so they count as big!

Date Night:
A couple years ago I took Camden to see the movie How to Train Your Dragon when it first came out. It was his first movie theater experience and is now one of his favorite movies. He was watching TV and saw a commercial for the LIVE DRAGONS. Cami thought this might be a good date night for the two of us to take so she bought us tickets! We kept it a surprise from Camden. He just knew that he was going to get to do something really fun with Aunt Ashlee. As we pulled up to the location he saw the sign and said, "Ashlee this is the Dragon show!!!" He was so excited! We bought some glowing horns and had a blast! The show was really impressive! Camden still is dead set on the fact that they were LIVE DRAGONS!
 These dragons were HUGE and incredibly well done. I couldn't believe how great it all looked. If you love the movie then you would love this show!
 I couldn't have asked for a better date!

New Years Eve:
Allison has ditched Utah and moved back to California. She lives outside of San Jose in Morgan Hill with her sister Lisa and family. She talked me into coming for New Years and we spent the evening eating, watching chick flicks, eating, hot tubing, eating, and toasting to the NEW YEAR!
 The drive takes about 2 hours and includes crossing my least favorite bridge...

 Morgan Hill Sunset
 The bubbly is ready!

I'm a little surprised we made it to midnight! We crashed pretty soon afterwards though! Thanks Allison and the Fisher family for a fun New Years Eve!

Alumni Game:
Every year the T-Girls get together for an Alumni game. I rarely get to see my former teammates so it's something I always look forward to. This year because of my knee I wasn't able to play, but I sat the bench and cheered as the Alumni beat the T-Girls. 

3 small adventures for this girl! Lots of fun!!!

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