Tuesday, January 15, 2013

California Vacation

I am off track during Christmas break so I got to stay a little longer than everyone else in California. I love spending time with the kids and doing every day activities with them that I usually miss out on the rest of the year. 

Valley Vista
 Yes he is one of the cutest kids you have ever seen!
 play time
 Dad, Kyle, and I went to watch the boys play one night. I couldn't help but love all the memories I have in this gym. I have spent many many hours there playing basketball and volleyball, watching games, coaching camp, running around during summer league as a kid. Very happy times!
 Finally came up with a nickname...Peter Parker (aka Spiderman)
 Cami and I use to put headbands on Kyle when he was little. We thought we would try it out on Parker! Looks great!
 My parents and I went out to Sea! I can't get enough of their yellow curry!
 Parker only wanting Grandma and NOTHING to do with me!
 I was on babysitting duty one night! Yes I survived 3 kids in one bathtub!
We spent a lot of time snuggling and reading
 Camden had to go back to school :( 
When he got home we got started right away on homework...in Spanish. I think it's adorable that he does his math in Spanish.
 These kids LOVE their Grandpa. (Who wouldn't?) Grandpa got to be Camden's basketball coach this season. They both had a blast together. One night during dinner Camden said Grandpa can we shoot some hoops? It was getting pretty dark and Grandpa had a meeting to go to, but he said if you hurry and eat we can play for a few minutes. It melted my heart to see my busy Dad take a few minutes to teach Camden about shooting and just have a good time with him. I can remember doing that with him and it brings so much joy to think about. I'm glad he still does it with his grandkids.
 Cami had work early one morning so we had a sleepover and I walked Camden to school. That morning he said Ashlee I need spikes in my hair! He got out all the hair products and we spiked his hair. Man I love that kid!
These two are the loves of my life! Oh boy do they have me wrapped around their finger! We decided to take a trip to the park one day. One more slide because 10 more slides! We had a blast and loved the warmer weather. I love that they are best buddies and have so much fun together.
 Petaluma Hills! 
I can't get enough of all the green! Makes me so much happier than snow!!!

As you can see my vacation is basically just hanging out with these adorable kids! I wouldn't have it any other way!

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