Monday, January 4, 2016

Thanksgiving 2015

We were so lucky to have my parents come out for a couple of days over Thanksgiving break. I always am grateful that they will make the drive to visit us when we can't come to them. It was extra nice to have help around the house and they spoiled us as always!

Mark and I tried to have a bunch of the nursery done, but of course we needed the help of Dad to hang things as well.

These two did lots of hard work so that I didn't have to!

Grandma and I shopped and did other small projects.
 Thanksgiving photos! We had a great time with the Urrys! Mark's parents are always awesome hosts and we were especially grateful they didn't mind adding my parents to the guest list.
 My mom has been working hard on making sure baby girl has a wonderful library. We realized she has over 100 books and was in need of a bookcase! She bought the bookcase and the boys set it up!
Overall it was a nice couple of days away from work and spent with family. We did eat, shop, and watch movies a lot too.

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