Monday, January 25, 2016

From 2 to 3

Brooklyn's Birth Story

A couple weeks before my due date we found out that Brooklyn was breech. The doctor wasn't too worried about it, but we knew that we would need to have a c section. Lots of options were given to Mark and I about possible things we could do to avoid a c section. Although neither of us wanted me to have to go through a c section, we both felt very strongly that that was what needed to happen. Surprisingly I felt very calm and at peace about it, which is nuts because it is a major surgery. The one good thing about a c section was knowing what day we would be having our sweet baby girl.  Although we knew going into labor before that day was an option, we thought that having her at 39 weeks would hopefully prevent me going into labor at work. No need to traumatize those cute 2nd graders with my water breaking. This also allowed my family to make arrangements to come out to be with us.  

It's an odd feeling counting down the days to when your baby is coming. We prepped, planned, cleaned, went on dates, etc.  The weekend before I kept saying this is our last weekend to not be parents. For the rest of our lives we will be parents. For 9 months I had been counting down the days and now suddenly it was approaching very fast and it all seemed a little too real.  

Mark and I were both able to work the Friday before. Mark's co-workers had a Daddy shower that was super sweet. My students gave lots of hugs and did their final pats of love to Brooklyn.  We were ready. 

We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am on Saturday.  The surgery was scheduled for 7:30.  Our doctor was on call and it was so nice to know that he would be the one performing the surgery.  Of course Friday night I started having contractions... UGH! I had only had maybe 10 contractions (very small, no pain) the entire pregnancy. I couldn't believe that the night before my c section my body was doing this to me.  I was up all night freaking out that my water might break. Luckily it didn't, but the contractions did continue.  
39 weeks and so happy to be done!

I felt very prepared for the c section. My sister had prepped me well along with my doctor. I loved our first nurse. She was awesome at keeping me calm and very friendly. That helps when you are exhausted, anxious, and about to have a baby.  Mark even got to wear a really sweet jumpsuit! 

It was finally timed and I was taken in to have the spinal block. They warned me it would hurt, but in that LARGE bee sting prick of a moment I panicked. I sat on the table, Mark holding my hand, and I went into panic mode. The doctors and nurses were busy bees setting everything up and it felt like I was standing still while everything was happening around me. Luckily the medicine kicked in quick and I didn't feel any pain, just a random tingling. I will say though, it is VERY uncomfortable to know that you are just naked from the waist down with who knows how many people just buzzing around you. I'm very modest so to know that I was just hanging out like that did make me feel very uncomfortable.  It's amazing to me how quickly everything happened. At one point I started feeling really nauseous, but my AMAZING anesthesiologist was so comforting. He quickly went into action to make me feel more comfortable. I was so grateful to him. He watched me like a hawk and made sure I was doing okay. It was so nice to know that my doctor was taking good care of my baby and he was taking good care of me. Then it happened. They said here comes her bum. Mark immediately started taking pictures and got very excited. They turned her and she pooped first thing! That gave everyone a good laugh. For me I just needed to hear that cry. I had been having nightmares about her not crying so I just needed to hear that. I loved watching Mark's face as they took her out of me. I wish I had the camera in that moment so that I could capture his joy. His eyes filled up with tears and he just kept saying she was beautiful. She did cry quickly and as they took her over to be cleaned off I was grateful I could see her. I just kept asking if she was ok. I think I asked multiple times even though I could hear her crying and see her moving. I just needed that confirmation over and over again.  As I was being stitched up once again my anesthesiologist was great. He noticed that my oxygen levels weren't where they needed to be and took great care of me while everyone else did their jobs. He even got very close to my head and just talked to me to keep me calm. I will forever be grateful for his kindness during my surgery. 

Brooklyn Marcella Urry
8:03 am
6 lbs 12 oz
19 inches

As soon as I was stitched up and she was cleaned they gave her to me. In that moment I just remember feeling exhausted. I know I was excited and so happy she was there, but it almost didn't seem real. That was my baby, on my chest.  They took me back into my hospital room to recover and everything really was a whirlwind.  I once again had a wonderful nurse to look after me and my mom and Mark loved on Brooklyn.  
I immediately became obsessed with her round cheeks, long eyelashes, and fuzzy hair. She was so snuggly and perfect right from the start.  She ate right away too. The nurse was so pleased that on the first try she was able to latch and get some good food in her belly. 

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come visit our sweet girl along with my mom.  Everyone was just in love instantly.  The rest of the day I was pretty tired. I didn't realize how little of sleep I had actually gotten the night before and how worn out I would be from the surgery. I wasn't in pain from it at all, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Our nurses in the mom and baby unit were great. They helped with everything and answered all of our questions.  We felt very looked after and felt comfortable knowing they were there to help us. 

How could you not love this sweet little face!

It's a little crazy to think that I'm a mom now. It's something I have always dreamed about and wanted. I spent a lot of years wondering when my turn would come and if I would ever get my sweet baby.  Thank goodness I have a loving Heavenly Father who had a wonderful plan for me. He had me wait just long enough so that this sweet angel could be my baby. 


  1. Oh my goodness! I love this story and those pictures, it made me a little misty :)

  2. She is darling Birth is craziness! Women are so brave. I'm so happy for you!!