Thursday, January 14, 2016

A Surprise Baby Shower

I was surprised today to be called down to the office and asked to hang out for a little bit. While I sat and waited, my room moms were busy prepping my classroom for a surprise baby shower. They had been planning with the kids and parents to throw this for me before the baby came. I walked into a classroom full of kids, balloons, treats, games, and presents. It really was the cutest thing I have ever seen. My students were so excited. These kids have taken such good care of me and the baby these last months. They ask about her, worry about her, rub my belly, and give her lots of love.  I was thrilled that these moms thought to include them in the the celebration. I was also extremely touched as each child brought me up a present, homemade card, story, etc. They all wanted to participate and it was very sweet. 

Although I'm super excited for baby girl to get her and to stay at home with her, I know I will miss these sweet kids. I look forward to being able to visit and introduce her to all of her friends!

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  1. Your students love you so much, and you deserve it!