Monday, November 23, 2015

October & November

We have been busy this October and November! I'm a little shocked that in a few days it is already Thanksgiving. Some days I'm a little worried about how fast the time is going because that means we are getting closer and closer to our baby girl getting here. I've spent most days staying late at work doing sub plans and then coming home to work on baby projects.  Luckily Mark helps me a ton with everything and doesn't complain when there is no dinner on the table. The poor guy hasn't gotten very many real meals in the last 31 weeks! 

Mark and his brother got elk tags this year. Unfortunately they were for my birthday weekend. When I told my mom, she decided to give me an early present and buy me a ticket to California for the weekend. I was so grateful to be able to go home and see my family and be able to stay busy while Mark was gone. We shopped, played, had a baby shower, and celebrated my birthday. To say baby girl and I were spoiled is an understatement. 

Yummy Mexican food to celebrate!
I love my sweet family! Glad the whole gang could come to dinner!
Cami and Allison threw an awesome shower. I was so lucky to spend the morning with everyone! Here we are trying to suck apple juice from a bottle.

26 weeks 
My shoes don't fit anymore, but luckily my feet aren't super sore.
My hips hurt at night so I'm getting less sleep.
I started to waddle a little bit... 

Halloween! Mark and I had a blast carving pumpkins this year. We decided everyone in the family needed one this year. 

I decided to be Cat in the Hat this year at school. It was comfy and I already had most of the costume!

30 Weeks
I'm using the bathroom a LOT more.
Still not much of an appetite.
I'm thirsty all the time! Slurpees are my favorite!

Mark decided that Lorenzo really needed a friend and that baby girl wasn't going to work. He surprised me with a new snake one day. It was more of a happy for him and not so happy for me thing, but Macky is part of our family now and settling right in.

I went to the doctor on Friday and baby girl is doing great! She is 31 weeks and has a strong heartbeat. I love going to the doctor and I'm actually excited I'm going to start going every 2 weeks. I just can't believe we are getting so close. Hopefully this week we can tour the hospital and continue working on the nursery. My parents are coming tomorrow and we are excited to have them and Mark's family to spend the holidays with.

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