Monday, October 22, 2012

UNC Life

I could move to North Carolina! It is beautiful there. I was able to go visit my brother and his family while I was off track. It was my second trip there and much warmer this time. It's fun to get to see Jayden and Kassidy in their every day life and not just in California on vacation. I was so lucky that they let me come visit. Lots of pictures!

It was stormy my first day in town so we played a VERY long game of Monopoly.
 Kassidy treated me to a spa day!
 Jayden picked me flowers!
 We played soccer!
 Watching Jayden play made me really want my future children to play soccer. He is just so tiny and adorable.
 Our favorite game...Pretty Pretty Princess
 We ditched the parents so they could have a night out and went to the movies!
 I LOVE rocking chairs so I was in heaven at this adorable country ice cream place.
 We ate a lot of ice cream!
 NC sunset
It was a great trip!

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