Sunday, October 28, 2012

Late Night With Roy!

While in North Carolina I was able to be in town for LATE NIGHT WITH ROY! Kyle was super excited that I was able to come this year. It was the official kick off to the basketball season for UNC. Yes I'm a Duke fan, but I love basketball and it was an awesome way to spend my nice in the basketball capitol of the US. 

We were pumped for the show to start!
 UNC fans!
 They introduced a bunch of the athletes from the different sports and had to spell out UNC. It was neat to see the athletes get so excited about such a fun night.
 The players performed different dances with the different dance teams throughout the evening. I thought it was pretty cool that these big basketball players would do something like this.
 They play white team vs blue team. They are a young team and I didn't recognize most of the players, but it's UNC basketball so it was great to watch!
Basketball season has officially begun!!!


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