Thursday, October 18, 2012

Greenwood Bridal Shower

When I first started teaching I was lucky enough to work at Greenwood Elementary in American Fork. Although we often call it Greenhood, it truly will always have a special place in my heart. One of the biggest reasons why I loved the school so much was because I worked with the greatest people EVER! I made incredible friends and have been lucky enough to keep them even though I've left the school. 

My best friend Lisa is getting married next month and so I got to reunite with the ladies for a bridal shower at the school! SO FUN! Yummy food, adorable decorations, and lots of laughing! It was the perfect afternoon!

Nicci (we started there together!), Karen (basically another mom!), Sue (joined the team once I left), Debbie (1st grade and crafting buddy), Lisa (the BRIDE), Megan (hilarious), and Myself!
 The 4 of us have stayed close even though we are now all at different schools! I'm lucky to have dinners and craft nights with these ladies. Such incredible friends.
We talked in the parking lot afterwards about the good old days when we all taught together and how lucky we were to have each other around every day! We had a lot of good laughs back in the day and our quick dinner nights usually turn into 3 or 4 hour long nights with waiters hating us or us closing the restaurant! 

Oh GREENHOOD how I love you!

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