Friday, April 13, 2012

Titanic Day

Being a teacher is such a blessing! I get to have so much fun almost every day (let's be honest there are days I want to shoot myself too). Well today was one of the good days. I have an amazing student who LOVES the Titanic. He knows more about the Titanic than anyone I have ever met. Since it was the 100 year anniversary he has been getting the whole class very excited about it. We decided we should probably celebrate as a class. Now sometimes I'm a slacker and forget that I make these promises until the last minute. Luckily his mom had some great ideas and websites for me so that I could make this happen. The morning started off with a class discussion about the Titanic led by him (so adorable to watch). The kids talked about it, brainstormed, and even gave their input on what it would have been like. I was so proud of my deep thinkers. They then did a few activities in a packet and this fun science experiment. I had to take a few pictures on my phone of how excited they were to test different objects to see if they would float or sink like the Titanic.

They all had a list of objects and they had to predict if it would sink or float. Then as a class we dropped the objects into our "ocean" to test them out.
We then had a lesson on how the Titanic actually sank. We stood there watching this boat slowly start to fill up with water and go down nose first into our ocean.
Our ocean got a little crowded, but it was still very fun. The apple suddenly became the iceberg and started crashing into everything! Such funny kids.

When it's hard to get up in the morning I'm reminded that if I don't then I will miss out on these 20 amazing kids who I love so much!

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